Allan R McDougal, Robert R Hale: Power efficiency for very high temperature solar thermal cavity receivers. The United States of America represented by the United States Department of Energy, Michael F Esposito, October 30, 1984: US04479485 (8 worldwide citation)

This invention is an improved solar energy cavity receiver for exposing materials and components to high temperatures. The receiver includes a housing having an internal reflective surface defining a cavity and having an inlet for admitting solar radiation thereto. A photothermal absorber is positio ...

John D Garrison: Carbonaceous selective absorber for solar thermal energy collection and process for its formation. June 17, 1986: US04594995 (8 worldwide citation)

A selective absorber consisting of a number of thin layers on a supporting substrate, including (1) a carbonaceous layer, (2) a catalyst layer, and (3) a metallic infrared reflecting layer. The catalyst layer serving to catalyze the pyrolysis of a carbon containing gaseous compound or compounds to f ...

Gregory Chris, Coleman Brian, Greaney Alan, Luconi Gregg, Blair Jason: Solar collector system for solar thermal applications. Esolar, Gregory Chris, Coleman Brian, Greaney Alan, Luconi Gregg, Blair Jason, MIRSAFIAN Saeid, December 18, 2008: WO/2008/154521 (8 worldwide citation)

A solar collector system includes a plurality of frames. Each frame includes at least a pair of spaced apart side members, a plurality of cross members connected to the side members, the cross members pivotally moveable from a shipping configuration to a deployed configuration wherein in the deploye ...

Ota Hideaki: Solar thermal power generation facility and heat medium supply facility. Kawasaki Heavy, February 21, 2008: JP2008-039367 (8 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a heat medium supply facility capable of sufficiently suppressing variation at a point of time when recovering heat in a heat exchanger by leveling a temperature variation even if the heat medium has the continuous temperature variation.SOLUTION: The heat medium supp ...

Charles L Bennett: Solar thermal aircraft. The Regents of the University of California, James S Tak, John H Lee, September 18, 2007: US07270295 (7 worldwide citation)

A solar thermal powered aircraft powered by heat energy from the sun. A heat engine, such as a Stirling engine, is carried by the aircraft body for producing power for a propulsion mechanism, such as a propeller. The heat engine has a thermal battery in thermal contact with it so that heat is suppli ...

Sovani Meksvanh, Ronald P Whelan, Douglas B Swift: Solar augmented geothermal energy. Barnes & Thornburg, January 6, 2009: US07472548 (7 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and a method is disclosed for storage of solar energy in a subsurface geologic reservoir. The method includes transferring concentrated solar thermal energy to a fluid, thereby generating a supercritical fluid. The supercritical fluid is then injected into the subsurface geologic reserv ...

Masujiro Hisatani, Hirotaka Oohashi, Kounosuke Oku, Jun Tsukada, Toru Takehara: Cleaning robot system and method of controlling same. Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding, Jacobson Holman PLLC, October 25, 2011: US08046101 (7 worldwide citation)

Provided is a cleaning robot system and a method of controlling the same for economically cleaning, with high workability, plate-shaped members, such as solar cell panels and reflecting mirrors used in photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal power generation systems. A cleaning robot system ...

Joshua Reed Plaisted, John J Dyreby: Method and system for processing information from a combination of a solar thermal system and a photovoltaic apparatus. EchoFirst, Richard T Ogawa, Ogawa P C, February 26, 2013: US08386197 (7 worldwide citation)

A method for operating a solar thermal system. The method includes providing a photovoltaic apparatus coupled to a solar thermal apparatus. In a preferred embodiment, the solar thermal apparatus comprises flow region having a first measurement region and a second measurement region. The first measur ...

Raymond Joseph Reisdorf, Bryan Morris: Building-integrated solar-panel roof element systems. Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, Calfee Halter & Griswold, August 20, 2013: US08511006 (6 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a building-integrated solar-panel roof element, such as a photovoltaic (BIPV) roof element, adapted to be fitted with a solar panel and integrated in a pitched roof, as well as such a building-integrated roof element fitted with a photovoltaic or solar thermal panel, a ...

Arnold J Goldman, Michael Kagan, Yuri Kokotov: High density bioreactor system, devices, and methods. Brightsource Energy, Miles & Stockbridge P C, Mark A Catan, August 23, 2011: US08003379 (6 worldwide citation)

A bioreactor and bioreactor system are suitable for the growth of materials from algae. More specifically, the system preferred embodiments use concentrated sunlight in a solo- or co-generation system to produce algae and products therefrom as well as solar thermal energy.

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