Alan W Weimer, Jaimee K Dahl, J Roland Pitts, Allan A Lewandowski, Carl Bingham, Joseph R Tamburini: Solar thermal aerosol flow reaction process. Midwest Research Institute, Paul J White, March 29, 2005: US06872378 (17 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an environmentally beneficial process using concentrated sunlight to heat radiation absorbing particles to carry out highly endothermic gas phase chemical reactions ultimately resulting in the production of hydrogen or hydrogen synthesis gases.

Leopold A Hein, William N Myers: Solar heating and cooking apparatus. L D Wooford Jr, George J Porter, John R Manning, April 19, 1977: US04018212 (17 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a solar appliance apparatus for utilizing solar thermal radiation to supply heat to a heating and cooking surface. The apparatus includes a housing permanently stationed inside a residential structure and the like. The housing contains a heat transfer medium and a radiation ...

KAUFMANN Gabriel, AFREMOV Leon, MAGEN Yona: Systèmes, procédés et dispositifs pour exploiter un système générateur délectricité thermique solaire, Systems, methods, and devices for operating a solar thermal electricity generating system. Brightsource, KAUFMANN Gabriel, AFREMOV Leon, MAGEN Yona, CATAN Mark A, November 10, 2011: WO/2011/140021 (17 worldwide citation)

In a startup period for a solar thermal electricity generating system, a non-solar source of steam heats a downstream receiver (for example, a superheating receiver) prior to insolation being available. Insolation, once available, heats an upstream receiver (for example, an evaporator). The upstream ...

John B Pande: Solar thermal propulsion engine. Hercules Incorporated, Mark D Kuller, August 18, 1992: US05138832 (16 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed to a solar thermal propulsion engine which comprises:

William H Argo: Solar thermal and wind energy power source. Robert K Rhea, September 23, 1980: US04224528 (16 worldwide citation)

A transparent panel enclosed tower provides a confined space for solar heating air. An upright wind turbine, mounted on the tower top, communicates with the tower enclosed space. As the solar heated air expands and becomes lighter it is displaced by cooler atmospheric air at the bottom of the tower ...

Quentin T Kelly, Steve M Slaby, David T Harrje, Tony J Poli, Stefan C Slaby, D Michael H Platt, John H Fernandes: Solar thermal powered water pump. WorldWater, Henry P Sartorio, November 17, 1992: US05163821 (16 worldwide citation)

A solar powered water pump combines an evacuated tubular solar collector array for heating air with a diaphragm type pump by providing an internal heat exchanger in the manifold of the collector array. The heat exchanger uses heat from the heated air to generate steam from water. The steam from the ...

Robert Z Litwin: Molten salt receiver cooling system. The Boeing Company, Alston & BIrd, March 9, 2004: US06701711 (16 worldwide citation)

A flow of molten salt is provided through a solar-thermal heat exchange receiver. The receiver converts solar energy, reflected from heliostats, to thermal energy that is stored in molten salt. A vessel holds a store of molten salt for cooling the receiver upon a loss of flow. At the outlet of the r ...

Tatsuo Momii, Satoshi Shiratori: Covering material for solar thermal power generating system and solar thermal power generating system formed by spreading the covering material. Asahi Glass Company, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C, February 5, 2008: US07325543 (15 worldwide citation)

A covering material for solar thermal power generation system, characterized in that it is made of a film which has a tensile yield strength of at least 10 N/mm2 according to JIS K7127, a solar radiation transmittance of at least 85% according to JIS R3106, and a retention of at least 80% against th ...

Emil Routzong Beaver Jr: Solar energy collectors. June 21, 1977: US04030478 (15 worldwide citation)

An apparatus comprised of a novel and efficacious arrangement of state-of-the-art materials resulting in substantial advantages in both efficacy and, especially, economy over presently known solar collectors. The invention is characterized by a closed, circuitous, solar energy absorbing pathway of e ...

James R Stuart, David Palmer Patterson: Inflatable torus and collapsible hinged disc spacecraft designs for satellite communication system. Teledesic Corporation, Anglin & Giaccherini, June 24, 1997: US05641135 (14 worldwide citation)

A series of spacecraft designs (10, 42 and 52) for a Satellite Communication System is disclosed. One of the preferred embodiments of the invention called "Gearsat.TM." (10) comprises a hollow torus which inflates when it reaches orbit. When viewed from the side along its circumference, Gearsat (10) ...

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