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A method to integrate collected solar thermal energy into the feedwater system of a Rankine cycle power plant is disclosed. This novelty uses a closed loop, single phase fluid system to collect both the solar heat and to provide the heat input into the feedwater stream of a regenerative Rankine cycl ...

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In a startup period for a solar thermal electricity generating system, a non-solar source of steam heats a downstream receiver (for example, a superheating receiver) prior to insolation being available. Insolation, once available, heats an upstream receiver (for example, an evaporator). The upstream ...

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A solar receiver (1) for a solar-thermal power plant, comprising a receiver surface (2) facing towards the concentrated incident solar radiation (8) and including a plurality of mutually spaced absorber bodies (3), is provided with gas channels arranged between the absorber bodies (3) for supplying ...

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This invention relates to a solar appliance apparatus for utilizing solar thermal radiation to supply heat to a heating and cooking surface. The apparatus includes a housing permanently stationed inside a residential structure and the like. The housing contains a heat transfer medium and a radiation ...

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The invention is directed to a solar thermal propulsion engine which comprises:

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A gas dissociation solar thermal power system in which SO.sub.3 in a solar furnace is heated by a sun ray reflector. The SO.sub.3 dissociates into SO.sub.2 + O.sub.2 + absorption of heat. The SO.sub.2 + O.sub.2 gas is directed through a salt-heat chamber where it recombines into SO.sub.3 and gives o ...

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A solar powered water pump combines an evacuated tubular solar collector array for heating air with a diaphragm type pump by providing an internal heat exchanger in the manifold of the collector array. The heat exchanger uses heat from the heated air to generate steam from water. The steam from the ...

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A covering material for solar thermal power generation system, characterized in that it is made of a film which has a tensile yield strength of at least 10 N/mm2 according to JIS K7127, a solar radiation transmittance of at least 85% according to JIS R3106, and a retention of at least 80% against th ...

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A solar thermal engine for propelling and powering a craft. The solar thermal engine includes a housing, a propellant annulus, a plurality of static power converters and an electrical energy storage device. The housing has an optical cavity for receiving a beam of concentrated sunlight and convertin ...

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A transparent panel enclosed tower provides a confined space for solar heating air. An upright wind turbine, mounted on the tower top, communicates with the tower enclosed space. As the solar heated air expands and becomes lighter it is displaced by cooler atmospheric air at the bottom of the tower ...