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A method and apparatus for a passive, fiber-optic day-lighting system collects and transports sunlight as a cost-effective technology solution for day-lighting applications. The system utilizes a low concentration ratio sunlight collection system, in expensive optical fibers, and an inexpensive pass ...

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Cover system for arrangement on a surface for example a building, said system for providing cover and supporting elements such as solar panels, solar thermal collectors and roofing tiles, the system comprising: a first side suitable as an inner wall or ceiling surface of the building; a second side, ...

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The present invention provides an environmentally beneficial process using concentrated sunlight to heat radiation absorbing particles to carry out highly endothermic gas phase chemical reactions ultimately resulting in the production of hydrogen or hydrogen synthesis gases.

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A series of spacecraft designs (10, 26 & 34) for a Satellite Communication System is disclosed. One of the preferred embodiments of the invention called "Domesat" (10) includes a hemispherical, high-gain, electronically-steered antenna array (12) that is always pointed toward the Earth (E). Hexagona ...

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A plurality of heat pipes in a shell receive concentrated solar energy and transfer the energy to a heat activated system. To provide for even distribution of the energy despite uneven impingement of solar energy on the heat pipes, absence of solar energy at times, or failure of one or more heat pip ...