James A Meringer: Solar-powered systems with solar cell support. MANN PATENTS, Naomi Mann, February 7, 2017: US09564852

A solar-powered system includes a mounting assembly to affix a solar active component mounted to a support member by the mounting assembly, such that both sides of the solar active component have solar exposure.

Harold Godfrey Giles: System of solar modules configured for attachment to vertical structures. SOLARTONIC, Jelic Patent Services, Stanley E Jelic, February 21, 2017: US09577572

A system of solar PV strip modules and method of use designed to integrate with vertical structures such as poles. The system and method use articulated semi-rigid solar PV strip modules and components with elastic characteristics to enable a high static-friction attachment to the structure. The sta ...

Jorge S Hernandez: Apparatus and method for collecting and distributing radiation. January 30, 2018: US09882079

A system and method for collecting and distributing generated and/or solar radiation. A pulsed distribution subsystem combining a generated radiation source with a solar radiation collector is provided. Radiation from the pulsed distribution subsystem is provided to one or more discrete distribution ...

Ashli Iyer Jain: Water disinfection system using functional mixture, copper foam catalyst, continuous flow, UV radiation, optical pipe. Stephen E Zweig, November 7, 2017: US09809468

The present invention is a method of implementing Water Disinfection System employing a Functional Mixture, copper foam catalyst, continuous flow, UV radiation, and optical receiver pipe in order to inactivate broader range of microbial contaminants in drinking water, both for emergency purification ...

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An optical element and associated methods for generating an optical element and apparatus comprising the optical element, wherein the optical element comprises a first surface (10), a second surface (15), and a side wall structure (25) between the first and second surfaces. The side wall structure h ...



Shou Qiang Zhu: Magnetically coupled solar-powered lights. IP Power Holdings, Che Yang Chen, Law Office of Michael Chen, September 29, 2015: US09146009

A solar lighting apparatus includes a controlling portion, having a first conjugating surface, a button with a plurality of lights, and electrodes hidden in the controlling portion; and an energy collecting portion, having a second conjugating surface, a solar panel to absorb sunlight, and correspon ...

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A lighting apparatus includes a housing, a plurality of lighting elements coupled to the housing, wherein a first subset of the plurality of lighting elements is powered by a solar power source and a second subset of the plurality of lighting elements is powered by a low-voltage electrical power sou ...

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A hybrid lighting system is disclosed in which light emitting diodes (LEDs) provide input light when illumination with solar light is unavailable. Light from LEDs are propagated through an optical fiber, which delivers the light to a point of illumination. The disclosed system reduces the amount of ...