Ashli Iyer Jain: Water disinfection system using functional mixture, copper foam catalyst, continuous flow, UV radiation, optical pipe. Stephen E Zweig, November 7, 2017: US09809468

The present invention is a method of implementing Water Disinfection System employing a Functional Mixture, copper foam catalyst, continuous flow, UV radiation, and optical receiver pipe in order to inactivate broader range of microbial contaminants in drinking water, both for emergency purification ...



Shou Qiang Zhu: Magnetically coupled solar-powered lights. IP Power Holdings, Che Yang Chen, Law Office of Michael Chen, September 29, 2015: US09146009

A solar lighting apparatus includes a controlling portion, having a first conjugating surface, a button with a plurality of lights, and electrodes hidden in the controlling portion; and an energy collecting portion, having a second conjugating surface, a solar panel to absorb sunlight, and correspon ...

Steven J Leary, Benjamin Yin, Zhang Qi: Combination solar/low-voltage lighting apparatus. Vinylast, February 21, 2017: US09578696

A lighting apparatus includes a housing, a plurality of lighting elements coupled to the housing, wherein a first subset of the plurality of lighting elements is powered by a solar power source and a second subset of the plurality of lighting elements is powered by a low-voltage electrical power sou ...

Jan I Hansson: Light-emitting diode input for hybrid solar lighting systems. OFS FITEL, Sam S Han Esq, October 3, 2017: US09777900

A hybrid lighting system is disclosed in which light emitting diodes (LEDs) provide input light when illumination with solar light is unavailable. Light from LEDs are propagated through an optical fiber, which delivers the light to a point of illumination. The disclosed system reduces the amount of ...

Loyd Edward Orfield: Sunny bright solar lighting. Hanes & Bartels, January 30, 2018: US09879842

Sunny Bright Solar Lighting is an easily mounted roof solar sunpipe that magnifies and concentrates the incoming sun light with an internally mounted and focused nonimaging Fresnel lens paired with a Kohler concentrator lens in order to magnify and concentrate the focused intense sun light onto a fi ...


Bingwu Gu: Low numerical aperture (low-NA) solar lighting system. Gerald R Prettyman, December 25, 2012: US08339709

A low numerical aperture (low-NA) light concentration and transmission system collects, concentrates and transmits light for interior illumination. A solar tracker aligns a primary light concentrator to collect light and direct the light to a secondary light concentrator and a filter for removing ul ...


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