KIM BYUNG CHUL: Appareil déclairage solaire doté dun diffuseur hybride de lumière solaire avec des fonctions de réfraction/diffusion et de réflexion/diffusion, Solarbeleuchtungsvorrichtung mit hybridem Solarlichtdiffusor mit Diffusionsrefraktions- und Diffusionsreflektionsfunktionen, Solar lighting apparatus with hybrid solar light diffuser having diffusion-refraction and diffusion-reflection functions. ABM GREENTECH, September 26, 2012: EP2503227-A2

Disclosed herein is a solar lighting apparatus using optical fibers to transmit solar light for illumination. The apparatus includes a support frame, optical fibers, a hybrid solar light diffuser and a reflective sheet. The optical fibers are fastened to the support frame and are spaced apart from e ...


LIN JINXI, LIN JINHAN, LIN YUTING: [fr] Système déclairage solaire, [de] Solarbeleuchtungssystem, [en] Solar lighting system. CHANGZHOU ALMADEN, February 5, 2014: EP2693101-A1

[en] The present invention discloses a solar lighting system comprising a solar cell assembly and a LED lighting assembly, so that solar energy utilization is more efficient.

Eric N Bennington: Solar lighting blinds system. Plager Schack, May 3, 2016: US09328906

A solar lighting blinds system is configured to provide light. The system includes blinds attached to a component housing. An LED bar is attached to the component housing. A switch is attached to the component housing. A solar panel is attached to the component housing. A battery is contained within ...







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