Janice M Coughlin, Tere Eggleston: Compressible decorative structure. PLOW & HEARTH, Goodman Allen Donnelly PLLC, Matthew R Osenga Esq, April 25, 2017: US09631800

A compressible decorative structure can be easily converted from a non-compressed configuration to a compressed configuration. The structure includes an inner support that is attached to a base. A movable ring slides along the inner support and is held in the compressed configuration by retaining cl ...

Steven Paolini: Recording illumination. TELELUMEN, David Millers, January 3, 2017: US09534956

Systems and methods permit use of efficient solid state emitters for broad spectrum continuous spectrum lighting defined by illumination data. The illumination data, which can be sold as a commercial product, can be recorded or authored and include spectral, temporal, and spatial information. Intens ...

Gordon Ko: Retrofit solar powered lighting assembly for flagpole. April 19, 2016: US09316365

The present invention is an assembly that changes retrofits a flagpole with a solar powered area light, whereby the flag is removed from connection with the residential flagpole and stored. The assembly optionally includes a remote control so that a user can select from a number of operational modes ...

Paul Fredrick Luther Weindorf, Shadi Mere, Paul O Morris: Adjusting an electronic display based on gaze tracking. Visteon Global Technologies, Dickinson Wright PLLC, April 25, 2017: US09633626

A system for adjusting an electronic display is provided herein. The system includes a gaze tracking device to capture an image of a pupil associated with a viewer of the electronic display, and a diameter of the pupil being ascertained via the image of the pupil. In another example, the system may ...

James A Meringer: Solar-powered systems with solar cell support. MANN PATENTS, Naomi Mann, February 7, 2017: US09564852

A solar-powered system includes a mounting assembly to affix a solar active component mounted to a support member by the mounting assembly, such that both sides of the solar active component have solar exposure.

Harold Godfrey Giles: System of solar modules configured for attachment to vertical structures. SOLARTONIC, Jelic Patent Services, Stanley E Jelic, February 21, 2017: US09577572

A system of solar PV strip modules and method of use designed to integrate with vertical structures such as poles. The system and method use articulated semi-rigid solar PV strip modules and components with elastic characteristics to enable a high static-friction attachment to the structure. The sta ...



Shou Qiang Zhu: Magnetically coupled solar-powered lights. IP Power Holdings, Che Yang Chen, Law Office of Michael Chen, September 29, 2015: US09146009

A solar lighting apparatus includes a controlling portion, having a first conjugating surface, a button with a plurality of lights, and electrodes hidden in the controlling portion; and an energy collecting portion, having a second conjugating surface, a solar panel to absorb sunlight, and correspon ...

Steven J Leary, Benjamin Yin, Zhang Qi: Combination solar/low-voltage lighting apparatus. Vinylast, February 21, 2017: US09578696

A lighting apparatus includes a housing, a plurality of lighting elements coupled to the housing, wherein a first subset of the plurality of lighting elements is powered by a solar power source and a second subset of the plurality of lighting elements is powered by a low-voltage electrical power sou ...

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