Shou Qiang Zhu: Magnetically coupled solar-powered lights. IP Power Holdings, Che Yang Chen, Law Office of Michael Chen, September 29, 2015: US09146009

A solar lighting apparatus includes a controlling portion, having a first conjugating surface, a button with a plurality of lights, and electrodes hidden in the controlling portion; and an energy collecting portion, having a second conjugating surface, a solar panel to absorb sunlight, and correspon ...


Bingwu Gu: Low numerical aperture (low-NA) solar lighting system. Gerald R Prettyman, December 25, 2012: US08339709

A low numerical aperture (low-NA) light concentration and transmission system collects, concentrates and transmits light for interior illumination. A solar tracker aligns a primary light concentrator to collect light and direct the light to a secondary light concentrator and a filter for removing ul ...



KOESEDAG ALI: [fr] Montant comportant une structure à moteur avec des unités déclairage solaire, [de] Pfosten mit einem motorbetriebenen Rahmenwerk mit Solarbeleuchtungseinheiten, [en] POST HAVING A MOTOR DRIVEN FRAMEWORK WITH SOLAR LIGHTING UNITS. KOESEDAG TEL OERME SANAYI VE TICARET ITHALAT IHRACAT, September 25, 2013: EP2642183-A1

[en] The present invention proposes a post comprising a base, at least one lighting means and a carrier framework with holder slots for receiving said lighting means or solar units. Said post further comprises at least one longitudinal channel accommodating a movable block (15) displaceable in said ...

Aoki Hideaki, Taguchi Kenji: Solar lighting apparatus. Sanyo Electric Co, October 31, 2001: EP1150066-A2

A solar lighting apparatus (10) includes a transparent dome (16). The transparent dome (16) is provided, at its ceiling center, with a control box (50) accommodating a stepping motor (42), a controller (46) for controlling the motor and a secondary battery (48). The stepping motor (42) has a motor s ...

Shou Qiang Zhu: Solar lighting apparatus and system thereof. IP Powers Holdings, Che Yang Chen, Law Office of Michael Chen, December 29, 2015: US09222634

A solar lighting apparatus and system, which is constructed into a street lamp, entrance lamp, garden lamp, nightlight, etc., includes a light emitting unit for providing illumination and a lighting apparatus body; a solar energy arrangement including a solar panel unit for light absorption and powe ...

Chavanne Alexandre: Solar lighting device, has leds producing directional lighting, and annular side wall producing diffused lighting, where reflecting surfaces are moved relative to leds between positions for obtaining diffused and directional lighting. Chavanne Alexandre, June 24, 2005: FR2864203-A1

The device has a set of LEDs (8), each producing directional lighting. A diffusing translucent annular side wall (11) is arranged for diffusing light beam, emitted from the LEDs, in multiple directions to produce diffused lighting. Reflecting surfaces (15) are moved with respect to the LEDs between ...

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