Aoki Hideaki, Taguchi Kenji: Solar lighting apparatus. Sanyo Electric Co, October 31, 2001: EP1150067-A2 (1 worldwide citation)

A solar lighting apparatus includes a transparent dome (16). The transparent dome (16) is provided, at its ceiling center, with a control box (50) accommodating a stepping motor (42), a controller (46) for controlling the motor (42) and a secondary battery (48). The stepping motor (42) has a motor s ...

Byung Chul Kim: Solar lighting apparatus with hybrid solar light diffuser having diffusion-refraction and diffusion-reflection functions. ABM Greentech, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, October 1, 2013: US08545078 (1 worldwide citation)

A solar lighting apparatus uses optical fibers to transmit solar light for illumination. The apparatus includes a support frame, optical fibers, a hybrid solar light diffuser and a reflective sheet. The optical fibers are fastened to the support frame and are spaced apart from each other at regular ...

Eric N Bennington: Solar lighting blinds system. Plager Schack, May 3, 2016: US09328906 (1 worldwide citation)

A solar lighting blinds system is configured to provide light. The system includes blinds attached to a component housing. An LED bar is attached to the component housing. A switch is attached to the component housing. A solar panel is attached to the component housing. A battery is contained within ...

Yong Nam Sun: Apparatus for cooling solar lighting system. Bandy Plex, August 22, 2001: KR1020010035348 (1 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: An apparatus for cooling a solar lighting system is provided to cool a glass rod lens by using a cold air of an outside sucked through an inlet and discharge a hot air to the outside through an outlet. CONSTITUTION: A plurality of flannel lenses(11) of high purity acrylic material are used ...


Steneby Bengt: Light collecting device. Parans Solar Lighting, Steneby Bengt, WENNBORG Johan, August 21, 2008: WO/2008/100200 (1 worldwide citation)

An arrangement for the collection of light within a designated frequency interval, such as visible light, comprising a light- refracting lens (5) and a first light transporting or light- transforming organ (1), wherein the first organ shows a light entry (Ia) that is arranged at or in the proximity ...

Burgei James William Jr, Barnaby Martin, Salama Asaf Itzhak: Retractable light apparatus. Innovative Solar Lighting, Burgei James William Jr, Barnaby Martin, Salama Asaf Itzhak, TURNER Michael D, February 19, 2009: WO/2009/023621 (1 worldwide citation)

A retractable light is provided with a light to extend and retract in a housing. A motor for driving a sprocket is mounted in the housing or light assembly and a gear rack is mounted in the other. The gear rack has a series of apertures so that debris is conveyed into the apertures. Another embodime ...

Na Li, Carter S Haines, Marcio D Lima, Monica Jung De Andrade, Shaoli Fang, Jiyoung Oh, Mikhail E Kozlov, Dongseok Suh, Ray H Baughman: Coiled and non-coiled twisted nanofiber yarn torsional and tensile actuators. The Board of Regents The University of Texas System, Dickinson Wright PLLC, Ross Spencer Garsson, October 10, 2017: US09784249

Actuators (artificial muscles) comprising twist-spun nanofiber yarn or twist-inserted polymer fibers generate torsional and/or tensile actuation when powered electrically, photonically, chemically, thermally, by absorption, or by other means. These artificial muscles utilize non-coiled or coiled yar ...

Chris Stubblefield, Eddy Mindlin: System and method for plugging core holes. Mesa Digital, Luis M Ortiz, Kermit D Lopez, Ortiz & Lopez PLLC, July 4, 2017: US09695607

A system, device, and method for plugging core holes. A core hole plug includes a top compression plate, a bottom compression plate, and a rubber expansion ring that separates the top and bottom compression plates. A beveled screw hole can be created on the top compression plate. The beveled screw h ...


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