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A method and structure for improved natural lighting for plant growth, particularly for mass production of horticultural crops in environmental conditions where normal solar lighting may be inadequate for horticultural production within a greenhouse structure. The structure comprises a translucent s ...

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A combination lighter constructed of a conventional, flame producing lighter integrated with a solar lighting device as a single unit or lighter. The solar lighter may include a tubular structure having a solar lens for focusing the solar rays onto an object to be lit that is positioned within the t ...

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The present invention relates to collecting sunlight and to transport said sunlight into a space. The sunlight collecting device comprises at least a first focusing lens and at least a first light collector. A first and a second movable sheet are provided with a first vertical distance from each oth ...

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This application discloses a bracket device used for mounting outdoor solar lighting on various types of surfaces, including but not limited to block walls, chain link fences, wooden fences and flat walls or for holding outdoor solar lighting devices as stand-alone fixtures.

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Solar concentrator system(s) that include parabolic Total Reflection Reflectors with corrected Curved Rectangular Total Reflection Prisms are provided. The corrected Curved Rectangular Total Reflection Prisms remove optical imperfections of diffusion typically present at conventional rectangular pri ...

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