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A solar lighting arrangement, which is incorporated with an outdoors umbrella, includes a solar energy collector mounted on top of the outdoors umbrella, a chain lighting arrangement, an attachable lighting system, and a light support, which is adjustably mounted along a supporting shaft of the outd ...

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An improved solar lighting system can be applied to a number of temporary signs and is particularly adapted for use on a real estate sign. The system includes three parts: a solar generating unit containing a repositionable array or photovoltaic cells, electronic circuitry and storage batteries; an ...

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An improved system for synchronizing the positioning of a reflector assembly used in solar lighting apparatus for illuminating the interior of a roofed building. The reflector assembly is rotatable about a vertical access for tracking daily movements of the sun. The assembly includes return, track a ...

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A passive solar lighting system is disclosed. A multiplyer lens (20) located within an aperture (12) in a building (10) increases the cone of light acceptance which would result in the absence of lens (20). Light passing through lens (20) is further refracted by lenses (22, 24) and the resultant lig ...

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An area lighting system having a distributed lighting network is provided. The distributed lighting network comprises a main unit, comprising at least one LED, and multiple secondary units, each comprising at least one LED. The main unit is configured to receive a signal from a motion sensor, determ ...

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A reflector road sign including a reflector body made of a tempered glass having Fe.sub.2 O.sub.3 content below 0.3%, a casing made to receive the reflector body, a solar lighting system installed in the reflector body, the solar lighting system including a LED (light emitting diode) lamp, a solar c ...

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A solar lighting apparatus of the sun tracking type for guiding sunlight into a building by using light reflecting means (

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A solar lighting apparatus includes a transparent dome. The transparent dome is provided, at its ceiling center, with a control box accommodating a stepping motor, a controller for controlling the motor and a secondary battery. The stepping motor has a motor shaft coupled with a rotary shaft. On the ...

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A direct beam solar lighting system for collecting and distributing sunlight into a room. The system includes a rotatable solar collector head to receive sunlight and to reflect the sunlight downward into a transition tube having a reflective interior surface. The light-concentrating transition tube ...