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Disclosed is a mild skin cleansing soap bar composition comprising: (1) 50-90% soap, and (2) a hydrated cationic polymeric skin conditioner. The physical composition of the bar is such that the hydrated polymer is substantially uniformly distributed and well incorporated in the soap. The hydrated ca ...

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A shower caddy that comprises a bottle holder/drainer that allows a bottle to remain stable in either an upright or inverted position, permitting the easy and convenient use or drainage of the bottle; a soap bar holder that allows wet soap to drain without forming a pool of soap slime under the soap ...

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A soap bar with suspended articles dispersed in a random manner throughout the bar. The articles may contain various skin conditioning, fragrance, or other aesthetic elements that are appealing to the consumer. The process for making the disclosed soap bar is also disclosed. The process comprises fo ...

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The germicide, 2,4,4'-trichloro-2'-hydroxy diphenyl ether may be incorporated into a milled transparent soap with substantially no opacifying effect provided that the germicide is first dissolved in perfume material and the resulting solution added to the soap at any point between the drying of the ...

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The shaving implement comprises a housing having a plurality of apertures through a shaving surface, each aperture containing a razor assemblage. Each assemblage includes a soap bar guard and a razor blade connected to one another and mounted for angular and linear floating movement in the housing o ...

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Toilet compositions in beta-phase bar form comprising 45% to 95% C.sub.8-24 fatty acid soap, 0% to 45% synthetic surfactant, and 0.01% to 5% of a water-soluble polymer. The compositions have improved lathering characteristics with excellent transparency/translucency.

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Personal cleansing compositions comprising alkali metal soap and guar gum-coconut fatty acid-sodium hydroxide complex and exhibiting improved physical properties, lather properties, and mildness. The toilet bars comprise alkali metal soap and from about 0.5 to about 8% by weight guar gum, which guar ...

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Method of producing marble-like appearance in a soap bar in which a saponaceous dye solution having color contrast with the soap of the bar is injected through a screw end opening in a plodder screw and is distributed through a soap mass being extruded in a manner producing contrasting color streaks ...

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Bar soap for personal use having a structural center selected from an open celled sponge material, or woven or non-woven organic filamentary material, which is preferably fully soap-impregnated. The sponge core is revealed after the soap bar is reduced to a sliver, providing support, preventing brea ...