Hodgson Richard, Dickason Steve: Refill unit for a moist smokeless tobacco product. British American Tobacco, Hodgson Richard, Dickason Steve, READ Matthew, November 13, 2008: WO/2008/135468 (5 worldwide citation)

Packaging for moist smokeless tobacco can be provided in the form of a refill unit comprising a base portion (10) configured to fit in the bottom of an existing moist smokeless tobacco product container and a lid portion (30).

Atchley Frank: Method and device for flavoring smokeless tobacco. US SMOKELESS TOBACCO COMPANY, Ramage W Edward, November 18, 2010: WO/2010/132444 (5 worldwide citation)

An encapsulated flavorant or artificial sweetener for use with smokeless tobacco and related products. The encapsulated flavorant or artificial sweetener comprises a core encapsulated with a lipid-based coating that provides stability when in contact with tobacco, yet releases flavor over time when ...

James A Strickland, Frank S Atchley, James M Rossman, Armand J Desmarais, Scott A Williams, Tod J Miller, Cherne W Johnson: Tobacco compositions. U S Smokeless Tobacco Company, Fish & Richardson P C, January 14, 2014: US08627828 (4 worldwide citation)

The invention features tobacco compositions and methods of their use and manufacture. Compositions of the invention may be based on a variety of technologies. Technologies include films, tabs, shaped parts, gels, consumable units, insoluble matrices, and hollow shapes. In addition to tobacco, compos ...

David Karl Bried, James Arthur Strickland, Mark T Nielsen, Frank Scott Atchley, Lamar Eugene Walters II, Gregory A Pace: Container device for tobacco articles. U S Smokeless Tobacco Company, Fish & Richardson P C, June 11, 2013: US08458996 (4 worldwide citation)

Some embodiments of a tobacco product package device can be used to enhance freshness and other characteristics of tobacco products or other products contained therein. Certain features can improve product freshness both during shelf life and during consumer use.

Stephen J Bellamah, William T Griffin, Dominic J C Howard, Robert T Mitten: Pocket-size container for consumer items. Philip Morris USA, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC, February 21, 2012: US08117807 (4 worldwide citation)

A three-piece pocket-size container for holding a consumer product such as smokeless tobacco product in an interior volume of a perimeter band which has a base locked to a lower rim portion and an openable cover on an upper rim of the perimeter band. When closed, the cover, the perimeter band and th ...

Munmaya K Mishra, William R Sweeney, Shengsheng Liu, Dennis Geib: Oral tobacco product having a hydrated membrane coating and a high surface area. Philip Morris USA, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC, November 20, 2012: US08312886 (4 worldwide citation)

Provided is a moist smokeless tobacco product including a hydrated membrane coating and a portion of tobacco material. Preferably, the tobacco material is pre-portioned and formed to include at least one dimple and/or at least one hole through the tobacco material so as to increase the surface area ...

Marc Robert Krauss: Combination treatment of tobacco extract using antioxidants and antioxidant scavengers. Philip Morris USA, Buchanan Ingergoll & Rooney PC, January 29, 2013: US08360072 (4 worldwide citation)

A process for treating a tobacco material comprising: (a) extracting a tobacco material with a solvent to produce a tobacco extract and a tobacco residue; (b) contacting the tobacco extract with an antioxidant; and (c) contacting the mixture of (b) with an antioxidant scavenger, to produce a treated ...

Joseph D Russo: Tobacco products with stabilized additives having vitamin E activity. Rousseau Research Institute, Guy W Chambers, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, July 1, 2003: US06584980 (4 worldwide citation)

A substantially pure stabilized compound having Vitamin E activity is added to smokable or smokeless tobacco or non-tobacco products to achieve less irritation and antioxidant benefits. In a preferred embodiment, a substantially pure “dry” powdered ester analog of Vitamin E, such as Vitamin E acid s ...

Christopher A Wilson: Tobacco dipping cup with saliva reservoir. June 27, 2006: US07066322 (4 worldwide citation)

A beverage cup having a detachable saliva reservoir so that a user may enjoy a beverage and smokeless tobacco products simultaneously. The cup has a saliva conduit running from its upper extremity down to a saliva reservoir which screws on the bottom. The upper portion of the conduit is formed into ...

A method for manufacturing pouches of cohesionless material. Azionaria Costruzioni Macchine Automatiche, Acma, Boldrini Fulvio, BIANCIARDI Ezio, May 29, 2008: WO/2008/062301 (4 worldwide citation)

Pouches (2) of cohesionless material, typically a smokeless tobacco product, are manufactured by conveying portions of the tobacco initially on a dispensing disc (5a) with cavities (7) from a delivery station (8) to a transfer station (9), where each portion of tobacco is then removed forcibly from ...

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