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The invention provides a process for preparing a tobacco composition suitable for use as a smokeless tobacco composition, the process including: providing a slurry comprising water and a tobacco material, the slurry comprising at least about 75% by weight water, based on the total weight of the slur ...

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A three-piece pocket-size container for holding a consumer product such as smokeless tobacco product in an interior volume of a perimeter band which has a base locked to a lower rim portion and an openable cover on an upper rim of the perimeter band. When closed, the cover, the perimeter band and th ...

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The present disclosure provides tobacco-derived pyrolysis oils and derivatives thereof, such as isolated components and mixtures obtained from such pyrolysis oils. Advantageously, the tobacco-derived pyrolysis oils disclosed herein can exhibit desirable sensory characteristics. Further, tobacco-deri ...

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The invention provides certain nicotine salts, co-crystals, and salt co-crystals and provides novel polymorphic forms of certain nicotine salts. In particular, nicotine salts with mucic acid, 3,5-dihydroxybenzoic acid, and 2,3-dihydroxybenzoic acid, and crystalline polymorphic forms of nicotine 4-ac ...

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Methods of selectively reducing constituents in tobacco as well as the tobacco obtained by such methods are disclosed. Subcritical fluids, e.g., liquid carbon dioxide, serve as the reduction media.

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A process for treating a tobacco material comprising: (a) extracting a tobacco material with a solvent to produce a tobacco extract and a tobacco residue; (b) contacting the tobacco extract with an antioxidant; and (c) contacting the mixture of (b) with an antioxidant scavenger, to produce a treated ...

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The invention relates to a depot for storing and dispensing a substance into a gas phase, having a hybrid structure made of an open-pored macroporous support skeleton, through which a gas can flow, and nanoporous particles immobilized on the support skeleton, which in the pores thereof contain at le ...

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A belt buckle with a compartment includes a receptacle having an open end. The receptacle is generally cylindrical, thereby allowing a standard-sized container of smokeless tobacco to be placed in the receptacle. A spring attached within the receptacle pushes the tobacco out of the receptacle. The r ...

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A lightweight, hand-held portable tool for opening a smokeless tobacco container uses a rotatable cutting wheel to slit an adhesive coated paper wrapper extending around the rim of the lid and cylindrical body of the container. The tool has a top member which rests on the circular lid to fix the pos ...

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