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Some embodiments of a tobacco article may include tobacco disposed in a porous matrix. The tobacco article may provide tobacco, tobacco constituents, or both tobacco and tobacco constituents to the consumer's mouth in the form of particles, liquid, or vapor so as to provide tobacco satisfaction to t ...

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Pouches (2) of cohesionless material, typically a smokeless tobacco product, are manufactured by conveying portions of the tobacco initially on a dispensing disc (5a) with cavities (7) from a delivery station (8) to a transfer station (9), where each portion of tobacco is then removed forcibly from ...

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The present invention relates to p450 enzymes and nucleic acid sequences encoding p450 enzymes in Nicotiana, and methods of using those enzymes and nucleic acid sequences to alter plant phenotypes.

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A loose tobacco retrieval device 10 for removing a portion of a quantity of loose tobacco 101 from a conventional loose tobacco receptacle 100. The retrieval device 10 includes an elongated handle member 20 having a flexible hinge 21 and a pair of handle arms 22 each provided with a tab element 23. ...

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A non-heating type flavor inhalator of the invention includes a hollow cylindrical holder (2) having an ambient air admission opening (16) at a front end thereof and a mouthpiece end (4) at a rear end thereof, and a flavor cartridge (30) extending inside the holder (2) from the ambient air admission ...

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A method of making a substitute for oral smokeless tobacco comprises the steps of applying a coating of binding agent on fragments of tea to form a cohesive material and moistening the fragments of the tea sufficiently to form a compact mass which is dissociable into portions of selectable size by h ...

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A device atomizes or vaporizes a liquid for inhalation. A housing has a proximal exit orifice that communicates with an intake orifice. A housing encompasses a reservoir containing a liquid. A wick has a first end in contact with the liquid and a second end that is exposed at an opening in the reser ...

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Systems and methods for providing synthetic substitutes for smokeless tobacco are provided. In one form, the application relates to systems for cessation of smokeless tobacco use and methods for making and using same. More particularly, but not exclusively, the application relates to the use of a pl ...

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A composition for inclusion within a cigarette, cigar, pipe or smokeless tobacco. The composition can be included within the tobacco itself, a filter for filtering tobacco smoke once burned within the paper or wrapper surrounding the tabacco product. In the cigarette filter, be it internal or extern ...

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A container configured to hold one or more units of a product is provided. The container may comprise a lid and a base. The lid may comprise a top wall and one or more lid sidewalls extending to a lower lip. A sealing member may be provided at the top wall in a channel defined therein. The base may ...