CARROLL Andrew Nathan, BLACK Shannon Maxwell, HOLLAND Tommy C, MACKO Jason Andrew, DINOVI Christopher Joseph: Produit de tabac sans fumée préformé, Preformed smokeless tobacco product. Altria Client Services, CARROLL Andrew Nathan, BLACK Shannon Maxwell, HOLLAND Tommy C, MACKO Jason Andrew, DINOVI Christopher Joseph, SHIPSIDES Geoffrey P, October 20, 2011: WO/2011/130414 (8 worldwide citation)

Some embodiments of a smokeless tobacco system include one or more preformed smokeless tobacco products (110) configured to generally retain their shape during processing, shipping, and consumer handling. In particular embodiments, each smokeless tobacco product can comprise a moist smokeless tobacc ...

Dongmei Xu: Cloning of cytochrome p450 genes from. U S Smokeless Tobacco Company, Fish & Richardson P C, May 29, 2012: US08188337 (7 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to p450 enzymes and nucleic acid sequences encoding p450 enzymes in Nicotiana, and methods of using those enzymes and nucleic acid sequences to alter plant phenotypes.

Timothy W Calhoun: Smokeless tobacco retrieval device. Henderson & Sturm, October 10, 2000: US06129398 (7 worldwide citation)

A loose tobacco retrieval device 10 for removing a portion of a quantity of loose tobacco 101 from a conventional loose tobacco receptacle 100. The retrieval device 10 includes an elongated handle member 20 having a flexible hinge 21 and a pair of handle arms 22 each provided with a tab element 23. ...

Lori J Davis: Substitute for oral smokeless tobacco and method of making the same. Stoel Rives Boley Jones & Grey, March 14, 1989: US04811746 (7 worldwide citation)

A method of making a substitute for oral smokeless tobacco comprises the steps of applying a coating of binding agent on fragments of tea to form a cohesive material and moistening the fragments of the tea sufficiently to form a compact mass which is dissociable into portions of selectable size by h ...

Luzenberg Robert S Jr: Porous plastic smokeless tobacco substitutes. Gp Technologies, Luzenberg Robert S Jr, COY Gregory B, October 9, 2008: WO/2008/121403 (7 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for providing synthetic substitutes for smokeless tobacco are provided. In one form, the application relates to systems for cessation of smokeless tobacco use and methods for making and using same. More particularly, but not exclusively, the application relates to the use of a pl ...

Theodore Hersh, Rebecca Hersh: Antioxidants to neutralize tobacco free radicals. Thione International, Crosby Heafey Roach & May, July 9, 2002: US06415798 (7 worldwide citation)

A composition for inclusion within a cigarette, cigar, pipe or smokeless tobacco. The composition can be included within the tobacco itself, a filter for filtering tobacco smoke once burned within the paper or wrapper surrounding the tabacco product. In the cigarette filter, be it internal or extern ...

Randy Lee Wanner: Belt buckle with a compartment. November 18, 1997: US05687890 (6 worldwide citation)

A belt buckle with a compartment includes a receptacle having an open end. The receptacle is generally cylindrical, thereby allowing a standard-sized container of smokeless tobacco to be placed in the receptacle. A spring attached within the receptacle pushes the tobacco out of the receptacle. The r ...

David C Jacobs: Tool for opening smokeless tobacco containers. Gordon G Hart, Klarquist Sparkman Campbell Leigh & Whinston, February 4, 1986: US04567655 (6 worldwide citation)

A lightweight, hand-held portable tool for opening a smokeless tobacco container uses a rotatable cutting wheel to slit an adhesive coated paper wrapper extending around the rim of the lid and cylindrical body of the container. The tool has a top member which rests on the circular lid to fix the pos ...

Budd James Patrick: Smokeless tobacco container with improved cover. Budd James Patrick, FITZSIMMONS Karen A, March 30, 2006: WO/2006/034450 (6 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure relates to an improved replacement cover (199) for a conventional smokeless tobacco can (50) that may include a pivotably closable lid (108) and a method of mounting the cover (100) on a conventional smokeless tobacco can (50). The disclosure also relates to a smokeless tobacc ...

Atchley Frank: Method and device for flavoring smokeless tobacco. US SMOKELESS TOBACCO COMPANY, Ramage W Edward, November 18, 2010: WO/2010/132444 (6 worldwide citation)

An encapsulated flavorant or artificial sweetener for use with smokeless tobacco and related products. The encapsulated flavorant or artificial sweetener comprises a core encapsulated with a lipid-based coating that provides stability when in contact with tobacco, yet releases flavor over time when ...

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