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A device atomizes or vaporizes a liquid for inhalation. A housing has a proximal exit orifice that communicates with an intake orifice. A housing encompasses a reservoir containing a liquid. A wick has a first end in contact with the liquid and a second end that is exposed at an opening in the reser ...

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A nonaqueous, extrudable composition includes at least one thermoplastic polymer in an amount of more than 20 wt% of the whole composition and tobacco. A smokeless tobacco product in the form of a sheet can be made by extruding or hot melt shaping a nonaqueous composition comprising at least one the ...

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A process is provided for producing smokeless tobacco and/or snuff compositions using steam alone in an open vessel or in combination with pressure and venting to alter organoleptic properties of the smokeless tobacco and/or snuff compositions.

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Some embodiments of a tobacco article may include tobacco disposed in a porous matrix. The tobacco article may provide tobacco, tobacco constituents, or both tobacco and tobacco constituents to the consumer's mouth in the form of particles, liquid, or vapor so as to provide tobacco satisfaction to t ...

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A non-heating type flavor inhalator of the invention includes a hollow cylindrical holder (2) having an ambient air admission opening (16) at a front end thereof and a mouthpiece end (4) at a rear end thereof, and a flavor cartridge (30) extending inside the holder (2) from the ambient air admission ...

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The present disclosure provides tobacco-derived pyrolysis oils and derivatives thereof, such as isolated components and mixtures obtained from such pyrolysis oils. Advantageously, the tobacco-derived pyrolysis oils disclosed herein can exhibit desirable sensory characteristics. Further, tobacco-deri ...

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The invention relates to a depot for storing and dispensing a substance into a gas phase, having a hybrid structure made of an open-pored macroporous support skeleton, through which a gas can flow, and nanoporous particles immobilized on the support skeleton, which in the pores thereof contain at le ...

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A substantially pure Vitamin E type compound is added to tobacco for a smokeable or smokeless tobacco product to achieve less irritation and antioxidant benefits. In a preferred embodiment, a substantially pure "dry" powdered ester analog of Vitamin E, such as Vitamin E acid succinate or spray dried ...

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The invention provides certain nicotine salts, co-crystals, and salt co-crystals and provides novel polymorphic forms of certain nicotine salts. In particular, nicotine salts with mucic acid, 3,5-dihydroxybenzoic acid, and 2,3-dihydroxybenzoic acid, and crystalline polymorphic forms of nicotine 4-ac ...

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A tobacco pipe which directs all of the smoke it produces through the person smoking the pipe prior to release of the smoke to the atmosphere. Storage chambers within the pipe may contain different types of burning material and may be repeatedly accessed for burning the materials in any order desire ...