Roland Ullmann, Thorsten Pohl: Slide switch. Fish & Richardson PC, September 30, 2004: US20040188229-A1

A slide switch, in particular for an electric small appliance, with a switch slide slidably mounted in a housing and a locking switch that is arranged in the switch slide and is adapted to be locked with the housing or with a member connected with the housing in at least one switching position of th ...

Jesus Fernandez Grandizo Martinez: Motor mounting base. Wildman Harrold Allen & Dixon, August 14, 2003: US20030151322-A1

A motor mounting platform for use in a small appliance such as a vacuum cleaner. The motor mounting platform includes a platform with a hole extending therethrough, at least one motor support mounted to the platform at least two pair of brush holder guides mounted directly on the platform and at lea ...

Oliver Lang: Self-Sustained Current Supply Device For Mobile Small Appliances. Law Offices of Karl Hormann, December 25, 2008: US20080315825-A1

A self-sustained current supply device based on a modular concept with an energy-autarkic generator module being connected with appliance-specific exchangeable battery/electronics modules wherein an additional battery matching the small appliance can be charged within a short time.

George Brake: Wheel axle design of gas grill. Waddey & Patterson PC, Bank of America Plaza, February 6, 2003: US20030025386-A1

Disclosed herein is a device for mounting a wheel to the tubular frame of a small appliance. The device includes a sleeve having an elongated body with a proximal end, a distal end, a channel running through the sleeve. A flange extends radially outwardly from the proximal end of the sleeve and a de ...

Pete J Bonin: Compact utility medicine cabinet with sanitizing. Gene Scott, Patent Law & Venture Group Ittt, March 6, 2003: US20030042828-A1

A medicine cabinet provides a cabinet shell structure with bottom, top, side and rear wall panels forming an open-faced box; a hinged door adapted for closing the cabinet front face. A plurality of drawers engage a vertical hinge pin mounted from the rear wall panel, the drawers rotatable about the ...

Thomas Ellen Linkenhoger: Telephone disconnect control. Thomas E Linkenhoger, December 8, 2005: US20050271190-A1

The present invention provides a telephone user a convenient means of temporarily disconnecting their telephone line to avoid unwanted distraction by the telephone when the need arises. It may also be used for security against unauthorized use of the telephone. It does this manually by the user oper ...

Waldemar F Kissel: Retractable small appliance caddy. Michael J Colitz III, May 25, 2006: US20060107847-A1

Disclosed is a caddy for use in storing kitchen appliances. The caddy includes a retractable cabinet comprising a number of individual storage units. The caddy can be extended from an out-of-the-way location via a hydraulic ram. Each of the individual storage units in the caddy includes its own outl ...

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The invention relates to a small electrical appliance for removing hairs, with a handpiece extending in the direction of a center axis and provided with front and rear sides and side faces, and with an operating head which is secured on the handpiece via a retaining device and has an operating unit. ...

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An electrical circuit has a printed circuit board which is lengthened at the side in the form of at least one longitudinal contact projection having at least one electrical conductor track and a solder point disposed at the end of the conductor track. Because of its mechanical flexibility, the conta ...

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The liquid-overflow platform and container device includes a generally horizontal platform for catching overflow liquid from a small appliance, such as a coffee maker, and a container attached beneath the platform that receives the liquid flowing through apertures in the platform. The apertures are ...