Wei Hsiang Hsiung, Sheng Tung Hsu, Cheng Ta Lee, Ming Hsun Wu: IP-free end-point management appliance. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION, Cantor Colburn, March 7, 2017: US09591025

An aspect includes a method of receiving a management command in an appliance to configure a network security policy, where the appliance is connected to a network end-point device. The method includes receiving a packet from a security device. Checking is performed to determine whether the packet i ...

Nicolas Gilbert, Herve Denoual: System and method for communication reproducing an interactivity of physical type. RENAULT s, Oblon McClelland Maier & Neustadt L, August 15, 2017: US09733738

To reproduce an interactivity of physical type between at least two parties or participants in a meeting, the system comprises at least one display screen (20, 21, 22) which comprises a first device arranged so as to detect at least one position of a human finger by measuring a first physical quanti ...

KRESMANN FRANK, SCHOBER UWE, DOLL ALEXANDER: [fr] Moteur électrique pour un petit appareil électrique, [de] Elektromotor für ein kleines Elektrogerät, [en] Electric motor for a small electric appliance. BRAUN, December 15, 2010: EP2262083-A1

[en] The invention relates to an electric motor for a small electric appliance, comprising a rotor and a stator, a coil for the generation of a magnetic field and a first magnet arrangement having a first permanent magnet which, by interaction with a magnetic field generated using the coil, generate ...


Yuval Peles, Alon Lerner, Asaf Meiri, Itay Dodek, Sahar Gelfman, Aviad Freiman, Yaniv Lerenthal, Lilah Rothem: Determinate castor. Kaiima Bio Agritech, February 20, 2018: US09894861

A determinate castor is provided. Also provided are methods of generating and using same as well as products thereof.

Bowen Robert F, Derby Palmer P: Poignee pour introduire des articles de cuisine dans des fours a micro-ondes ou les en retirer, Utensil handle for use in microwaves. Raytheon Company, December 4, 1979: CA1067305

UTENSIL HANDLE FOR USE IN MICROWAVES Abstract of the Disclosure A handle for a small appliance, utensil or other body suchas a coffee maker, for example, and particularly designed to beused in a microwave environment, the handle being made entirelyof material which will remain cool when subjected to ...

Thies Donald E, Bender Stephen A: Dispositif de chauffe pour petits appareils menagers, Heating device for a small appliance. West Bend Company, FINLAYSON & SINGLEHURST, April 25, 2000: CA2178186

Disclosed is a new heating device for an appliance such as a coffee urn. Such device has a main heating element and a spaced-apart warming element, both of which are embedded in a common casting. The device may be mounted to and removed from an appliance as a single unit and when mounted, the main h ...

Roland Ullmann, Helmut Faulstich: Case for small appliance. Braun, QIN KAIZONG, November 12, 1996: CN94194156

The invention pertains to a case in which to keep small appliances for personal needs. The case (2) consists of a supporting structure (4) with at least two sections (8, 10) hinged together by a turnaround device (6). Mounted on each of the two sections (8, 10) is at least one clip (12, 14) to hold ...

Mixner Ingomar: Support de moteur electrique pour petit appareil menager, Electric motor mounting within small appliance. Nv Philips Gloeilampenfabrieken, VAN STEINBURG CE, January 24, 1984: CA1161088

PHO 79/508 ABSTRACT: In an apparatus with an electric motor, forexample a dry-shaving apparatus, citrus press or thelike, which comprises two housing shells,of which oneshell serves as a mount for the motor, which is posi-tioned on at least one support on this housing shell,there is provided at leas ...


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