Anthony P Burgard, Robin E Osterhout, Stephen J Van Dien, Cara Ann Tracewell, Priti Pharkya, Stefan Andrae: Microorganisms and methods for enhancing the availability of reducing equivalents in the presence of methanol, and for producing 1,4-butanediol related thereto. Genomatica, Jones Day, May 23, 2017: US09657316

Provided herein is a non-naturally occurring microbial organism having a methanol metabolic pathway that can enhance the availability of reducing equivalents in the presence of methanol. Such reducing equivalents can be used to increase the product yield of organic compounds produced by the microbia ...

Cameron Stuart Tait: Plug, socket and connection apparatus. Perkins Coie, March 28, 2017: US09608342

A plug (1), socket (30) and connection apparatus for making an electrical connection. The plug (1) can hold a wire (20) and be received within a socket (30) having a conductor (37) and sealant (39), for making a waterproof electrical connection. The plug (1) comprises a plug body (2) and a passage ( ...


Wei Hsiang Hsiung, Sheng Tung Hsu, Cheng Ta Lee, Ming Hsun Wu: IP-free end-point management appliance. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION, Cantor Colburn, March 7, 2017: US09591025

An aspect includes a method of receiving a management command in an appliance to configure a network security policy, where the appliance is connected to a network end-point device. The method includes receiving a packet from a security device. Checking is performed to determine whether the packet i ...

Nicolas Gilbert, Herve Denoual: System and method for communication reproducing an interactivity of physical type. RENAULT s, Oblon McClelland Maier & Neustadt L, August 15, 2017: US09733738

To reproduce an interactivity of physical type between at least two parties or participants in a meeting, the system comprises at least one display screen (20, 21, 22) which comprises a first device arranged so as to detect at least one position of a human finger by measuring a first physical quanti ...

KRESMANN FRANK, SCHOBER UWE, DOLL ALEXANDER: [fr] Moteur électrique pour un petit appareil électrique, [de] Elektromotor für ein kleines Elektrogerät, [en] Electric motor for a small electric appliance. BRAUN, December 15, 2010: EP2262083-A1

[en] The invention relates to an electric motor for a small electric appliance, comprising a rotor and a stator, a coil for the generation of a magnetic field and a first magnet arrangement having a first permanent magnet which, by interaction with a magnetic field generated using the coil, generate ...


Bowen Robert F, Derby Palmer P: Poignee pour introduire des articles de cuisine dans des fours a micro-ondes ou les en retirer, Utensil handle for use in microwaves. Raytheon Company, December 4, 1979: CA1067305

UTENSIL HANDLE FOR USE IN MICROWAVES Abstract of the Disclosure A handle for a small appliance, utensil or other body suchas a coffee maker, for example, and particularly designed to beused in a microwave environment, the handle being made entirelyof material which will remain cool when subjected to ...

Thies Donald E, Bender Stephen A: Dispositif de chauffe pour petits appareils menagers, Heating device for a small appliance. West Bend Company, FINLAYSON & SINGLEHURST, April 25, 2000: CA2178186

Disclosed is a new heating device for an appliance such as a coffee urn. Such device has a main heating element and a spaced-apart warming element, both of which are embedded in a common casting. The device may be mounted to and removed from an appliance as a single unit and when mounted, the main h ...

Roland Ullmann, Helmut Faulstich: Case for small appliance. Braun, QIN KAIZONG, November 12, 1996: CN94194156

The invention pertains to a case in which to keep small appliances for personal needs. The case (2) consists of a supporting structure (4) with at least two sections (8, 10) hinged together by a turnaround device (6). Mounted on each of the two sections (8, 10) is at least one clip (12, 14) to hold ...

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