Dan Christian Barfus, Wayne Weaver Conard, Alex Lai, Rainman Xiao: Portable appliance motor control with speed-based current limitation. Whirlpool Corporation, Price Heneveld, October 3, 2017: US09780718

A method of controlling a portable appliance includes measuring an input current supplied to a motor of the portable appliance and measuring a rotational speed of a shaft of the motor. The method also includes determining a current limit based on the rotational speed of the shaft using a substantial ...

Bodo Müller, Jürgen Teschner, Rüdiger Klug: Fire protection device for small electrical devices. JOB Lizenz & Co KG, Sand & Sebolt, November 21, 2017: US09821181

A fire protection device for small electrical devices provided with a housing. The fire protection device includes a bursting capsule featuring a hollow space that is completely enclosed and delimited by a vessel wall, wherein a liquid is disposed in the hollow space. The liquid breaks the vessel wa ...

Jürgen Heβ, Vladimir Proseanic, Piotr Skierman: Fluid container of a household appliance. BSH Hausgeräte, Jordan IP Law, Todd A Vaughn, August 15, 2017: US09731865

A fluid container of a household appliance, the fluid container having a retaining region to hold fluid and which has at least one oligodynamic surface, and a household appliance that includes on such fluid container.

Arto Juhani Lehtiniemi, Antti Johannes Eronen, Jussi Artturi Leppanen: Determination of a charge surface position. Nokia Technologies Oy, Banner & Witcoff, October 17, 2017: US09791297

A method comprising determining that the apparatus is placed at a charge surface position on a charger apparatus, the charge surface position being a position of the apparatus on the charge surface of the charger apparatus, and the apparatus being configured to receive a charge signal from the charg ...

Kevin L Weitsman: Blind slide-mount fastener alignment apparatus, kit and method. CW Consulting Associates, Lance M Pritikin, January 31, 2017: US09555540

A marking apparatus and its method of use facilitate blind slide-mounting of an object to a mounting surface in a desired alignment using the object as an alignment template. The apparatus includes a post element, a retention element, a tightening element and a cover. The retention element is movabl ...

Anthony P Burgard, Robin E Osterhout, Stephen J Van Dien, Cara Ann Tracewell, Priti Pharkya, Stefan Andrae: Microorganisms and methods for enhancing the availability of reducing equivalents in the presence of methanol, and for producing 1,4-butanediol related thereto. Genomatica, Jones Day, May 23, 2017: US09657316

Provided herein is a non-naturally occurring microbial organism having a methanol metabolic pathway that can enhance the availability of reducing equivalents in the presence of methanol. Such reducing equivalents can be used to increase the product yield of organic compounds produced by the microbia ...

Joonyung Jang: Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same. Samsung Display, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie, November 21, 2017: US09825252

An organic light-emitting display apparatus includes a lower substrate having a display area and a peripheral area around the display area; an upper substrate facing the lower substrate; a display unit at the display area of the lower substrate; a sealing member at the peripheral area of the lower s ...

Cameron Stuart Tait: Plug, socket and connection apparatus. Perkins Coie, March 28, 2017: US09608342

A plug (1), socket (30) and connection apparatus for making an electrical connection. The plug (1) can hold a wire (20) and be received within a socket (30) having a conductor (37) and sealant (39), for making a waterproof electrical connection. The plug (1) comprises a plug body (2) and a passage ( ...

Zheng Zhao, Kin Wah Wong, Min Li: Pump housing and drainage pump. Johnson Electric, Muncy Geissler Olds & Lowe P C, October 3, 2017: US09777745

A drainage pump has an impeller, a motor for driving the impeller, and a pump housing surrounding the impeller. The pump housing has an end wall, a side wall, an inlet, and an outlet. The side wall extends from the end wall. The side wall and the end wall cooperatively define a pump chamber. The inn ...

Mark W Broadley, James Alan Sago, Hao Chen, Edward J Schweitzer, John Eckert, Jeffrey M Farina: Pressure forming of metal and ceramic powders. Accellent, Michael F Scalise, Ganz Pollard, October 17, 2017: US09789543

A method of pressure forming a brown part from metal and/or ceramic particle feedstocks includes: introducing into a mold cavity or extruder a first feedstock and one or more additional feedstocks or a green or brown state insert made from a feedstock, wherein the different feedstocks correspond to ...

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