Michael P Conti, Everett Sidney Kettle, Zachary A Lownds, Leif A Norland, Mitchell L Robertson: High performance adjustable juicer with whole foods feed chute. Whirlpool Corporation, Price Heneveld, June 13, 2017: US09675101

A juicing system with a drive mechanism and a juicer assembly, where the juicer assembly includes a main housing defining a cavity. A lid encloses a top portion of the cavity and has an opening therethrough. An auger is disposed within the cavity and has a top portion and a bottom portion. The auger ...

Derry Shribman, Ofer Vilenski: System and method for improving internet communication by using intermediate nodes. Hola Networks, May Patents, August 22, 2017: US09742866

A method for fetching a content from a web server to a client device is disclosed, using tunnel devices serving as intermediate devices. The client device access an acceleration server to receive a list of available tunnel devices. The requested content is partitioned into slices, and the client dev ...

Scott Kendyl Stanley, Kenneth Stephen McGuire, Tadayoshi Ishihara, Lee Mathew Arent, Jun You, Joseph Craig Lester, Benjamin Jacob Clare, Marc Richard Bourgeois, Charles John Berg Jr: Flexible containers with easily variable sizing. The Procter & Gamble Company, Charles R Ware, Jeffrey V Bamber, July 4, 2017: US09694942

Non-durable self-supporting flexible containers with easily variable sizing. Line ups of flexible containers have similar sizes, shapes, and constructions, but hold differing amounts of fluent product at unexpected fill heights.


James Stacy Annis, Jeremy T Wolters: Stand mixer wiping beater. Whirlpool Corporation, November 12, 2013: US08579496

A mixing beater for a small appliance includes a metallic frame including an arm; a rigid plastic shell extending over the arm; and only one scraper. The scraper extends over the rigid plastic shell and has a flexible blade configured to contact an inner surface of a mixing bowl when viewed in a fir ...

Michael Clark Campbell, Paul Wesley Etter, James Adrian Riley, Jerry Wayne Smith: Hybrid heater with dual function heating capability. LEXMARK INTERNATIONAL, January 24, 2017: US09551962

A fuser heater member for an electrophotographic imaging device, including a heater member. According to an example embodiment, the heater member includes positive temperature coefficient (PTC) material disposed along a width of a fuser nip of the fuser assembly; first and second electrodes disposed ...

Russell Gaudiana, Daniel Patrick McGahn, Charles H Cella: Photovoltaic sensor facilities in a home environment. Merck Patent, Bowditch & Dewey, Roger P Zimmerman, March 28, 2017: US09607301

Photovoltaic cells, facilities, systems and methods, as well as related compositions, are disclosed. Embodiments involve providing a sensor in association with a photovoltaic facility to form a sensor-pv facility; and providing the sensor-pv facility in a kit adapted for purchase by a consumer to be ...

Steven C Drees, Thomas A Gillette, David M Neidlinger, Paul S Paget: Mixing bowl liner and lid. Whirlpool Corporation, Price Heneveld, June 13, 2017: US09675946

A bowl liner for a mixing bowl of a stand mixer includes a shell and a rim secured an upper end of the shell. The shell is sized to be received in the mixing bowl, and is formed from an elastomeric material. The shell has a mixing chamber defined therein. The rim includes an outer perimeter surface ...

Ellen Semans, George Hardin, Jeff LePori: Apparatus for washing and sanitizing articles for an infant. Hillsborough Bay Group, GrayRobinson P A, Michael J Colitz III, October 10, 2017: US09782803

Disclosed is a portable and self-contained washing and sanitizing apparatus. The apparatus finds particular application in washing small baby items such as bottles, nipples, teething rings or toys. The apparatus includes a container with a lid, the container housing the items to be washed; an access ...

Bodo Müller, Jürgen Teschner, Rüdiger Klug: Fire protection device for small electrical devices. JOB Lizenz & Co KG, Sand & Sebolt, February 28, 2017: US09579531

A fire protection device for small electrical devices provided with a housing. The fire protection device includes a bursting capsule featuring a hollow space that is completely enclosed and delimited by a vessel wall, wherein a liquid is disposed in the hollow space. The liquid breaks the vessel wa ...

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