Jürgen Heβ, Vladimir Proseanic, Piotr Skierman: Fluid container of a household appliance. BSH Hausgeräte, Jordan IP Law, Todd A Vaughn, August 15, 2017: US09731865 (1 worldwide citation)

A fluid container of a household appliance, the fluid container having a retaining region to hold fluid and which has at least one oligodynamic surface, and a household appliance that includes on such fluid container.

Racquel L Scarberelli: Infant bottle and food warmer. Robert C Montgomery, Montgomery Patent & Design, August 19, 2014: US08809745 (1 worldwide citation)

A portable heating apparatus designed to heat infant bottles and food jars utilizes steam as the heating medium in order to provide a more thorough and effective heating environment. The apparatus is a small appliance operated by an electric power cord which plugs into a wall outlet or a motor vehic ...

Blaimberger Frank, Grundel Christoph, Maly Peter, Obermaier Anton, Schacht Manfred, Stiegel Susanne: System for small devices with enhanced input facilities. Siemens, August 21, 2002: EP1233597-A2 (1 worldwide citation)

Small appliance system, mobile phone, comprises an input unit (1) with input means (3) and an output unit (2) connected to the input unit via plug type connections (5, 6). Output and input units can be connected in different orientations relative to each other and the input unit has input elements o ...

Richard A Comfort: Easily locatable night light/holder. Andra M Finkel, January 26, 1988: US04722038 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention comprises holder to be used by the blind or other visually impaired persons to locate items on a night table. The holder comprises a power inlet to the device, and a power outlet such as an AC socket into which may be plugged a reading lamp, bedside radio, etc. The device of th ...

Schuster Dieter, Dieck Leopold E Dr: Shredding device for small appliance and contaminated small appliance disposal method. Schleicher & Co Internat, May 28, 2003: EP1314444-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The device for breaking up small objects such as, in particular, used syringes and the like comprises a cutting unit (14) which automatically comminutes small objects (24) so that their final volume is reduced to a fraction of their initial volume. AN Independent claim is included for a method of di ...

Catherine Joyce: Ultra-nutraceuticals and toothbursh sanitizer (ozone). Catherine Joyce, November 21, 2002: US20020172707-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

New methods of manufacture, uses and applications for nutraceuticals, their compounds, extracts, enzymes, and special new properties, including, but not limited to, anthocyanidins, pro-anthocyanidins, dimers, polymers, crystalline proanthocyanadin, leucocyanin, leucodelphinin, flavornoids, and polyp ...

Small appliance for premarking all round culinary preparations and cutting them into even parts. Corrodi Michel, October 24, 1986: FR2580539-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

Small very simple appliance, made up such that it is very easy to premark or cut out, into geometrically equal parts, all culinary preparations of round shape.

Electrical power pack. Interelectric, November 13, 1968: GB1133213-A (1 worldwide citation)

1,133,213. Battery charging systems depending on variable speed generators. INTERELECTRIC SACHSELN A.G. 7 Oct., 1965 [7 Oct., 1964], No. 42686/65. Heading H2H. An electrical power pack has a housing containing a rechargeable gas-tight battery and one or more generators manually driven through gearin ...

John L Lumsden: IGBT/FET-based energy savings device for reducing a predetermined amount of voltage using pulse width modulation. The PowerWise Group, Ingram IP Law P A, July 25, 2017: US09716431

An IGBT/FET-based energy savings device, system and method wherein a predetermined amount of voltage below a nominal line voltage and/or below a nominal appliance voltage is saved, thereby conserving energy. Phase input connections are provided for inputting analog signals into the device and system ...

Scott Stanley, Lee Arent, Andrew Rapach, Ken McGuire, Jun You, Kory Gunnerson: Flexible containers with vent systems. The Procter & Gamble Company, Charles R Ware, December 26, 2017: US09850046

Non-durable self-supporting flexible containers having product volumes and structural support frames are provided with vents to facilitate equalization of the pressure inside the product volume to the pressure of the environment outside of the containers. The vents enable rapid recovery of the struc ...

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