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An improved wall bracket and kit for making such a bracket for hair dryers and like small electrical appliances is disclosed which uses two plastic coated malleable wire bracket members that can be hand-bent to the desired shape to receive any one of many different shapes to receive any one of many ...

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A handle for a small appliance, utensil or other body such as a coffee maker, for example, and particularly designed to be used in a microwave environment, the handle being made entirely of material which will remain cool when subjected to microwave radiation and being constructed of a ring encircli ...

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A slide switch, in particular for an electric small appliance, with a switch slide slidably mounted in a housing and a locking switch that is arranged in the switch slide and is adapted to be locked with the housing or with a member connected with the housing in at least one switching position of th ...

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A circuit arrangement for feeding a load (3) from a low voltage energy source (1) via a direct-voltage conversion circuit (2). The direct-voltage conversion circuit periodically takes energy from the energy source by means of a main switching element (10) and supplies this energy as an increased sup ...

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A portable, modular small appliance control system for lamps and the like, which allows separate control of each outlet of a multiple outlet receptacle from separate and remote locations.

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A system for connecting an appliance to a bottom surface of a kitchen cabinet, the system comprising at least two brackets and at least one mounting section connected to the appliance. The brackets are connectable to the bottom surface of the kitchen cabinet at any one of a number of different suita ...

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Disclosed is a new heating device for an appliance such as a coffee urn. Such device has a main heating element and a spaced-apart warming element, both of which are embedded in a common casting. The device may be mounted to and removed from an appliance as a single unit and when mounted, the main h ...

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The invention relates to an electric motor for a small electric appliance, comprising a rotor and a stator, a coil for the generation of a magnetic field; and a first magnet arrangement having a first permanent magnet which, by interaction with a magnetic field generated using the coil, generates a ...

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A shock protection circuit utilizing an immersion detection current interrupter for use in small electrical appliances wherein the combination of a solenoid or a relay plus a sensor will cause an interruption of the power leads of a small appliance and the mechanical latching of the relay or solenoi ...