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A shoulder pad for a football player, includes a rib protector pad body disposed adjacent to the body arch members and releasably connected to the pad body disposed beneath the body arch members of the shoulder pad.

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The invention is directed to a football shoulder pad which includes a pair of rigid arches and a less rigid pad member associated with each rigid arch. Each pad has opposite pockets which open toward each other, and terminal edges of the rigid arches are received in the pockets whereby the arches an ...

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A rigid vertical member is secured to the base of the athlete's helmet and extends downwardly therefrom into a telescoping support secured to the shoulder pad and which allows rotation of the helmet and head of the athlete upon an axis substantially close to the neck and parallel to the axis of the ...

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An orthopedic method for dynamically enhancing proper posture utilizes an elastic base garment and halter strap system. The base garment is generally collarless and sleeveless, as a stocking-like tube interconnecting a pair of shoulder pads and a waist band, which have hook-fastener securing areas. ...

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A one piece elongated shoulder pad comprised of a rubbery material for use with a shoulder strap, which comprises a base having a top, a bottom, and opposed first and second longitudinally extending sides, said first side being narrower than said second side, and at least one pair of opposed flexibl ...

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An article of protective athletic equipment to be worn by a person includes padding in the form of a layer of closed cell, elastomeric foam having a regularly bi-directionally convoluted surface for confronting the person. An exemplary shoulder pad using such padding has a chest protector including ...

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A shoulder harness for a backpack having a back panel, a carry bag attached to the back panel, and a pair of S-shaped elongated shoulder pads formed of a polyfoam pad molded to a cover of stretch material and backed with a fabric cover of Velcro loop material. A load control panel is sewed to one en ...

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A butt stock for a shoulder held firearm with an horizontally and vertically adjustable cheek rest, reversibility of the cheek rest without loss of any of the other adjustments, a shoulder pad assembly to allow from 0 to 360 degrees of adjustment of the angle of the shoulder pad to the rest of the s ...

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A football training harness in which detachable rigid connections adjustable in length extend from the shoulder pads to the rear of the football helmet to prevent hyperflexion and the bending of the head of the player forwardly during blocking and tackling. The connection includes rings secured to t ...

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A pack for holding articles and providing fluid hydration is provided. The pack includes a bladder compartment having an opening for securing a fluid bladder therein for hydration with a hose attached thereto. The bladder has a front side adapted to be positioned against the user's back and a back s ...