Larry R Inman, Ronald V Garvin, Patrick S Welch: Grain bagging machine. Bag Corporation, Robert L Harrington, May 30, 1995: US05419102 (21 worldwide citation)

A crop bagging machine is provided with a movable chassis having adjustable brakes and a grain container having a rear tunnel defining a rear opening. A pliable plastic bag is fit to the tunnel with the bag bottom closing the opening. A bin on the chassis receives grain, e.g., from a truck and an au ...

Bahador Ghahramani: Intelligent multi purpose early warning system for shipping containers, components therefor and methods of making the same. Richard L Marsh, July 1, 2008: US07394363 (21 worldwide citation)

A multipurpose sensing system of detecting, qualifying and quantifying a potential threat to national security comprises a multipurpose sensing module associated with each cargo carrying container. The system tracks the instantaneous location of each cargo carrying container with the multipurpose se ...

Joseph P Lastik: Securing pads for sheet shipping containers. PPG, Donald C Lepiane, September 30, 1980: US04225043 (21 worldwide citation)

Automotive lites, e.g., windshields are secured in a shipping container by positioning a foamed polyethylene pad on edge portion of a windshield and urging the pad and windshield edge portion into corresponding slot of spaced logs mounted on the container.

Clidaras Jimmy, Whitted William, Hamburgen William, Sykora Montgomery, Leung Winnie, Aigner Gerald, Beaty Donald L: Modular computing environments. Google, Clidaras Jimmy, Whitted William, Hamburgen William, Sykora Montgomery, Leung Winnie, Aigner Gerald, Beaty Donald L, SMYTH Matthew J, December 6, 2007: WO/2007/139560 (21 worldwide citation)

A computer system may include a connecting hub having a plurality of docking regions and be configured to provide to each docking region electrical power, a data network interface, a cooling fluid supply and a cooling fluid return; and a plurality of shipping containers that each enclose a modular c ...

Ty Schmitt, Robert Riegler: System and method for vertically stacked information handling system and infrastructure enclosures. Cirrus Logic, Hamilton & Terrile, Robert W Holland, August 28, 2012: US08251785 (20 worldwide citation)

An information technology enclosure has a processing subsystem and infrastructure subsystem in separate shipping containers that cooperate to process information. The processing subsystem has increased information processing density by concentrating information handling systems in a first processing ...

Jack F Kellerman: Corner pad. Hoerner Waldorf Corporation, Jerry F Best, May 18, 1976: US03957196 (20 worldwide citation)

A three dimensional corner pad for shipping containers or the like and blank for making same, wherein a sheet of paperboard is folded about a center fold line which has spacer tabs cut on either side thereof and which is folded at right angles so that these tabs extend outwardly from the fold line t ...

Julius B Kupersmit: Strap support system for collapsible shipping containers. Charles E Temko, August 25, 1987: US04688979 (20 worldwide citation)

A strap support system for collapsible shipping containers whereby top-loaded containers may be emptied from the bottoms thereof while supported in a manner which permits, for example, the transfer of particulate material to a hopper or other receptacle is disclosed. In the case of particulate comes ...

Brian R Cook, Randal R Potter: Air bed. The Nautilus Group, Edward S Wright, November 25, 2003: US06651283 (20 worldwide citation)

Air bed assembly having a knockdown foundation made up of preassembled boxes which are used as shipping containers for the other elements of the bed, mattresses having interposed sets of isolated chambers for improved pressure distribution, contoured foam rails surrounding the mattresses and a visco ...

Michael B McLeod, Oscar Rochefort: Wraparound-style shipping containers convertible to dispensing or display containers. Smurfit Stone Container Enterprises, Armstrong Teasdale, December 13, 2005: US06974033 (19 worldwide citation)

Wraparound style packaging and shipping containers are provided, having structures configured for facilitating the conversion of the shipping containers into dispensing or all-around display containers. The shipping containers are preferably fabricated from an outer blank having a centrally position ...

Tung Chan Ma, Arnold L Berzins, Charles J Davis, Bruce T Watson: Repulpable, water repellant paperboard. International Paper Company, Ostrager Chong Flaherty & Onofrio, May 23, 2000: US06066379 (19 worldwide citation)

Paperboard having a water-repellant coating which includes a polymer matrix/wax/pigment mixture and is applied to the paperboard as an aqueous formulation. The polymer matrix includes polymer chains which are ionically cross-linked through pendant carboxylic acid groups to provide, together with the ...

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