Robert N Kendig: Returnable roll shipping container. ICI United States, August 16, 1977: US04042107 (22 worldwide citation)

Rigid shipping container for elongated articles such as rolls of plastic sheet or film. The shipping container comprises similar upper and lower rigid pallets and a pair of like or similar end plate assemblies which support the roll. The pallets have legs which are arranged so that they will interen ...

Thomas E Pearson, James R Panyard: Method and system for loading panels into shipping containers at a work station and end effector for use therein. Ford Motor Company, Joseph W Malleck, Roger L May, May 27, 1997: US05632590 (21 worldwide citation)

A robotic end effector adapted to be mounted at the end of an arm of a program-controlled robot is capable of providing compliance within a vertical plane as well as alignment along a horizontal axis. A method and system utilizing the end effector to pick up flat or curved glass panels from glass ra ...

Fernando Morales: System and method to enhance security of shipping containers. Roberts Abokhair & Mardula, February 7, 2006: US06995669 (21 worldwide citation)

A system and method for enhancing the security of containers and the goods within them and for tracking a shipping container from its origin to its destination. A shipping container uses a breach containment system comprising a transmitter, a receiver, a processor, a status record and a plurality of ...

Douglas Latimer: Method and apparatus for treating articles with wash water or other fluid. Bereskin & Parr, June 13, 1995: US05423339 (21 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a method for washing an article and collecting the used wash water as well as a wash pad and a mobile apparatus. A wash truck is modified to include a water treatment unit and a submersible pump for removing used wash water from a water-proof surface, such as pavement or the w ...

Larry R Inman, Ronald V Garvin, Patrick S Welch: Grain bagging machine. Bag Corporation, Robert L Harrington, May 30, 1995: US05419102 (21 worldwide citation)

A crop bagging machine is provided with a movable chassis having adjustable brakes and a grain container having a rear tunnel defining a rear opening. A pliable plastic bag is fit to the tunnel with the bag bottom closing the opening. A bin on the chassis receives grain, e.g., from a truck and an au ...

Forrest E Strodtman: Hasp and lock cover for cargo doors. Kenneth A Roddy, June 24, 2003: US06581419 (21 worldwide citation)

A hasp and lock cover for installation on a camming handle of a cargo door of cargo carrying vehicles and shipping containers to substantially cover existing top and bottom hasp elements and the shackle of a lock device installed through the hasp elements. The cover is a unitary rigid box-like devic ...

John J Glassmeyer, Joseph T Kelley: Roll away decking system. Pullman Incorporated, Richard J Myers, June 13, 1978: US04094546 (21 worldwide citation)

A rollaway decking system for use in transport vehicles, e.g., truck trailers or shipping containers, includes a pair of tracks mounted on opposite side walls of the vehicle and a rollaway deck extending between the tracks. The deck has a plurality of articulated panels arranged in and edge to edge ...

Joseph P Lastik: Securing pads for sheet shipping containers. PPG, Donald C Lepiane, September 30, 1980: US04225043 (20 worldwide citation)

Automotive lites, e.g., windshields are secured in a shipping container by positioning a foamed polyethylene pad on edge portion of a windshield and urging the pad and windshield edge portion into corresponding slot of spaced logs mounted on the container.

Douglas M Smith, Veronica Natividad, Tamara L O&apos Brien, Kevin H Roderick, Loix X Warren, Richard G Perkes, Vanessa Sinclair: Sorption cooling devices. Nanopore, Marsh Fischmann & Breyfogle, March 9, 2004: US06701724 (20 worldwide citation)

Novel sorption cooling devices capable of providing cooling over an extended period of time are disclosed. The sorption cooling devices are particularly useful for temperature-controlled shipping containers that are required to maintain a temperature below ambient for a time sufficient to complete d ...

Heaps Jr Harry D: Two component double thickness shipping containers. Connelly Containers, Lavine Irvin A, October 21, 1975: US3913822 (19 worldwide citation)

A shipping container of tubular form for shipping pipes and tubes of great length, being made of two blanks secured together. A first blank has five side-by-side panels each hinged to the adjacent panel(s) and a second blank of equal length has three side-by-side panels similarly hinged. The middle ...

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