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In an automated prescription dispensing and packing system, empty prescription bottles are labeled and loaded in assigned locations in carriers. Pills are automatically dispensed into the prescription bottles in the carriers. Ranks of carriers containing filled prescription bottles are assembled at ...

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A method of securing a container includes inserting, into a seal device at a container, an electronic bolt; reading, by the seal device, a serial number stored in the electronic bolt; communicating, from the seal device, to a user application, insertion of the bolt; scanning, by the user via a handh ...

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A container monitoring system and method tracks location and load status of shipping containers within a defined premises and generates container status reports for customers receiving containers, suppliers or shippers of goods, and container carriers. Carrier and container identifiers are used to t ...

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A system for supplying to jobbers, in packaged form, quantities of bottled or canned beverages, or other products, similarly packaged, which enables the jobbers to readily convert the cartons, in which the packaged products are shipped, into display cases or trays, by removing portions of the shippi ...

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A display and shipping container having a transparent housing that forms locking engagement with a base member having an inner product engaging ring for holding the product securely within the container.

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An identification system involves the labeling then tracking of grouped items such as logs, shipping containers, or packets of mail and reporting the current location of identified items during transport, processing, and storage. Machine-readable labels are provided, adapted for recognition and read ...

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A deck attachment fitting, a deck socket and a socket and attachment assembly for use particularly to position and hold down standard freight or shipping containers having standard corner fittings on the deck of a ship or other carrier. When used as an assembly, the socket is welded to the deck and ...

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Method comprises mounting at least one standard steel shipping container on a weight-bearing foundation at the ends thereof. Where two or more containers are used, the containers may be in spaced and/or abutting side-by-side relationship; and/or may be mounted one upon another. Where containers are ...

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A computer system may include a connecting hub having a plurality of docking regions and be configured to provide to each docking region electrical power, a data network interface, a cooling fluid supply and a cooling fluid return; and a plurality of shipping containers that each enclose a modular c ...

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A wraparound type carrier package for a group of bottles arranged in double row relation and transversely aligned pairs, which package is especially adapted for use in the marketing of bottled beverages and which is designed to satisfy railway requirements for shipping containers or packages of this ...