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The present invention embraces a shaving composition comprising about 65 to 90% water, about 5 to 25% of a water-soluble surface active foaming agent, and about 0.2 to 2.3%, preferably about 0.3 to about 1.5%, and more preferably about 0.5 to about 1.0%, of cysteamine. Such a shaving composition pro ...

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An improved pressurized foaming shaving composition in a valved container adapted to maintain the composition under pressure and to dispense it upon opening of the valve which comprises an aqueous medium, an anionic surface active agent such as soap, a foam stabilizer such as a C.sub.12 -C.sub.18 fa ...

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The present invention relates to a cosmetic preparation which is particularly effective for providing a cosmetic product that is heated at time of use by the heat of an exothermic reaction, and a process for carrying out such heating.

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The present invention is directed to a self-foaming shaving composition in the form of a lotion. The shaving composition comprises water, a water dispersible surface active agent capable of forming a lather, a volatile self-foaming agent, and a water soluble thickening agent wherein the composition ...

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A post-foaming gel shaving composition is disclosed which contains from about 40 to about 90 percent by weight water; from about 4 to about 25 percent by weight water-soluble soap; from about 0.5 to about 12 percent by weight aliphatic liquid post-foaming agent selected from the group consisting of ...

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Shaving composition for the skin based on polyorganosiloxanes containing a hydroxyalkyl group and process for use. The present invention relates to a composition intended for shaving of the skin, containing, in a cosmetically acceptable medium containing a foaming agent, a polyorganosiloxane contain ...

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This shaving composition comprises a water soluble polyethylene oxide polymer having a molecular weight of 400,000 or less, a tracking agent component, a preservative component, and an anti-caking component. This composition is solid in form and may be molded into a variety of shapes, some of which ...

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A shaving composition comprising at least about 10 wt % aloe vera product, a cosmetically acceptable film forming agent, a cosmetically acceptable lubricity agent, and a cosmetically acceptable preservative. The shaving composition of the invention may be in the form of either a liquid or a gel. The ...

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A combination skin care and shaving composition which essentially contains a phospholipid, wheat germ oil and vitamin E that prevents pseudo folliculitis.