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Abrasive, hard surface cleanser compositions containing a surfactant, a particular type of expanded perlite material and a filler material which can be inorganic salt, water or mixtures thereof. Such compositions, whether liquid or granular, provide excellent stain and soil removal from hard surface ...

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Stable, false body hard surface cleansers containing a false body fluid phase; relatively heavy abrasive particulate material suspended throughout the false body fluid phase and relatively light particulate filler material also suspended throughout the false body fluid phase. Such compositions can r ...

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Stable, fluid, hard-surface scouring cleansers containing bleach, clay, abrasive, surfactant, buffer and water. Such compositions combine the stain and soil removal properties of a strong active chlorine bleaching agent and bleach-stable surfactant in a false body abrasive cleanser having desirable ...

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Viscous creamy scouring compositions substantially free of terpene solvents are disclosed. These compositions contain a binary system represented by a water-insoluble hydrocarbon solvent and a long-chain fatty alcohol.

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Liquid scouring compositions possessing enhanced cleaning properties and reduced abrasion characteristics containing as the essential cleaning agent the abrasive calcium metasilicate, stably suspended in an aqueous vehicle.

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Stable, viscous creamy scouring compositions are disclosed, which are substantially free of terpene solvents, and contain a narrowly-defined solvent derived from propylene glycol. The compositions of the invention show excellent cleaning ease-of-rinsing, shine performance, and are not aggressive to ...

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The invention pertains to liquid scouring compositions comprising by weight of the total composition, from 1 to 65% of a particulate abrasive material, and from 35 to 99% of an aqueous liquid suspending medium, which comprises, by weight of the medium:


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The present invention relates to viscous creamy scouring compostitions which contain an abrasive in suspension, are substantially free of thickener, and contain a combination of a surfactant, a solvent with a water-solubility under 5%, and an electrolyte.