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An apparatus for producing thin solidified alloy pieces having a container 53 for accommodating an alloy melt 57, the container having an opening in an upper portion of the container, drive means 2 for titling the container for providing a flow of the alloy melt from the container, control means 4 f ...

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A composite oxide having oxygen absorbing and desorbing capability contains 4.99-98.89% by weight of cerium oxide, 1-95% by weight of zirconium oxide, 0.01-20% by weight of hafnium oxide, and 0.1-10% by weight of an additional metal oxide selected from titanium oxide, tungsten oxide, nickel oxide, c ...

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The present invention is a manufacturing system for alloys containing rare earth metals which presents oxidation of alloy during production, facilitates thermal history control of the alloy, and efficiently produces alloys of a uniform structure. The manufacturing system includes a melting furnace f ...

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A knife block has a block body and a plurality of knife storage slots extending into the block body. A first knife sharpener is aligned with a first slot of the plurality of knife storage slots and a second knife sharpener is aligned with a second slot of the plurality of knife storage slots. The fi ...

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A process for producing rare earth metals including the step of electrolyzing a starting material containing rare earth carbonates as main ingredients in a molten salt electrolytic bath containing rare earth fluorides, lithium fluoride, and barium fluoride at a bath temperature of 750 to 950.degree. ...

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A process for producing a highly purified aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution by removing silicon oxide impurities from an aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution containing silicon oxide impurities by adding a flocculating agent and filtering out impurities of solid content contained in the aqueous hydro ...

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An age precipitation-containing rare earth metal-nickel alloy of AB.sub.5 type having a composition represented by a formula (1)


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An emboss carrier tape for chiplike electronic elements and a method to manufacture the same for enabling to receive chiplike electronic elements whose thickness is greater or smaller than a paper sheet in a paper made carrier tape as well as to manufacture in high efficiency, characterized in that ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a positive pole active material for non-aqueous electrolytic liquid secondary battery, in which increasing of capacity is possible, its manufacturing method, and the non-water electrolysis liquid secondary battery, by improving load characteristic in the non-aqueous ...