Yao Shinya, Yokoi Hideo: Composite oxide having oxygen absorbing and desorbing capability. Santoku Metal, May 1, 1996: EP0709351-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

A composite oxide having oxygen absorbing and desorbing capability contains 4.99-98.99% by weight of cerium oxide, 1-95% by weight of zirconium oxide and 0.01-20% by weight of hafnium oxide. The composite oxide includes PHI ' phase as a crystal phase and has oxygen absorbing and desorbing capability ...

Murakami Ryo, Kanekiyo Hirokazu, Hirosawa Satoshi: Process for producing, through strip casting, raw alloy for nanocomposite type permanent magnet. Santoku, Sumitomo Spec Metals, August 27, 2003: EP1338359-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

To make a raw alloy, consisting mostly of amorphous structure, highly productively and at a reduced cost for a nanocomposite magnet, a molten alloy represented by Fe100-x-y-zRxQyMz (where R is at least one element selected from Pr, Nd, Dy and Tb; Q is B and/or C; M is at least one element selected f ...

Otsuki Takayuki: Negative active material for lithium ion secondary battery and its manufacturing method. Santoku, July 11, 2003: JP2003-197188 (3 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a negative active material for a lithium ion secondary battery having high discharge capacity per volume and high cycle characteristics and to provide its manufacturing method.SOLUTION: This negative active material for the lithium ion secondary battery has alloy com ...

Shintani Kazumasa, Murakami Ryo, Yamamoto Kazuhiko: (Ja) 希土類焼結磁石用合金鋳片の製造法、希土類焼結磁石用合金鋳片及び希土類焼結磁石, (En) Process for producing alloy slab for rare-earth sintered magnet, alloy slab for rare-earth sintered magnet and rare-earth sintered magnet. Santoku Corporation, Shintani Kazumasa, Murakami Ryo, Yamamoto Kazuhiko, SAKAI Hajime, October 13, 2005: WO/2005/095024 (3 worldwide citation)

(EN) A process for producing an alloy slab for rare-earth sintered magnet, in which homogenization of R-rich region and 2-14-1 phase dendrite spacings, sizes, orientations, shapes, etc. can be attained with the generation of chill crystal suppressed, which alloy slab facilitates pulverization into u ...

Fujio Tanaka, Ichiro Sugawara, Takashi Adachi, Kazuhisa Mine: Process for producing a purified aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution. Santoku Chemical, Webb Ziesenheim Logsdon Orkin & Hanson P C, May 24, 2005: US06896867 (2 worldwide citation)

A process for producing a purified aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution comprises contacting an aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution containing metal ion impurities firstly with a H+ type cation exchange resin, secondly with a carbonate iron (CO32−) type or bicarbonate ion (HCO3−) type anion exchange re ...

Fujio Tanaka, Takashi Adachi, Toshimi Suzuki, Mutsuro Noguchi, Tomoaki Kobayashi: Method of regenerating ion exchange resin. Santoku Chemical, The Webb Law Firm, June 28, 2005: US06911481 (2 worldwide citation)

A method of regenerating an ion exchange resin, comprising the steps of packing a used ion exchange resin in a regeneration tower; and repeating at least twice a step comprising passing an aqueous solution of regenerant through the regeneration tower downward from a top part of the regeneration towe ...

Wei Gong, Bao Min Ma: Sm(Co, Fe, Cu, Zr, C) compositions and methods of producing same. Santoku Corporation, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, May 20, 2003: US06565673 (2 worldwide citation)

Carbon addition to the rapidly solidified, preferably melt spun, alloy system of Sm(Co, Fe, Cu, Zr) provides for good isotropic magnetic properties. Importantly, these alloys are nanocomposite in nature and comprise the SmCoC

Hiroaki Takata, Yutaka Oka, Junichi Nakagawa, Akira Neoda: Method for preparing Cr-Ti-V type hydrogen occlusion alloy. Santoku Corporation, Darby & Darby, February 13, 2007: US07175721 (2 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method for producing high-performance Cr—Ti—V hydrogen storage alloys utilizing a thermit process, whereby residence of adversely affecting impurities is inhibited, addition of not less than 10 at % of Ti as an alloy component is realized, and thermal burden on the crucibl ...

Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Yuichi Miyake, Chikara Okada, Nobuyuki Kitazume: Method for production of rare earth metal-nickel hydrogen occlusive alloy ingot. Santoku Metal, Darby & Darby, October 28, 1997: US05680896 (2 worldwide citation)

A method for producing rare earth metal-nickel hydrogen occlusive alloy ingot that contains 90 vol % or more of crystals having a crystal grain size of 1 to 50 .mu.m as measured along a short axis of the crystal and 1 to 100 .mu.m as measured along a long axis of the crystal. The method for producin ...

Takamaru Kiyofumi, Ikeda Hideaki, Tatsumi Koji: Method for fabricating negative electrode for secondary cell. Santoku, May 12, 2004: EP1418636-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a method for readily producing an anode for rechargeable batteries having conflicting properties in good balance, including the corrosion resistance and the activities such as the initial activity and the high rate discharge performance, and having excellent recyclab ...

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