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In a cathode assembly of a cathode ray tube, a cathode having an emitter is inserted in a through-hole formed in an insulator. The emitter is provided so as to face a cylindrical electrode of a first grid at a predetermined distance. A hole communicating with the through-hole is formed at a longitud ...

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A CRT in its entirety is to be rendered lightweight without detracting from the resistance against pressure of a panel or from characteristics desirable for the CRT. To this end, there is provided a glass panel for a CRT obtained on chemically reinforcing the glass containing 57 to 64 wt% of SiO2, 0 ...

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There is provided a powder for permanent magnet comprising needle-like fine particles of Fe or Fe—Co alloy as a base material, a hard magnetic layer and a separation layer of an oxide of rare earth element provided outside said hard magnetic layer.

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A rare earth metal/nickel-base hydrogen absorbing alloy having a composition represented by formula (1): (R1-x Lx )(Ni1-y My )z , (wherein R represents La, Ce, Pr, or Nd; L represents Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu, Y, Sc, Mg, or Ca; and M represents Co, Al, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zr, Ti, Mo, Si, V, Cr, Nb, Hf ...

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To make a raw alloy, consisting mostly of amorphous structure, highly productively and at a reduced cost for a nanocomposite magnet, a molten alloy represented by Fe100-x-y-zRxQyMz (where R is at least one element selected from Pr, Nd, Dy and Tb; Q is B and/or C; M is at least one element selected f ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a negative active material for a lithium ion secondary battery having high discharge capacity per volume and high cycle characteristics and to provide its manufacturing method.SOLUTION: This negative active material for the lithium ion secondary battery has alloy com ...

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(EN) A process for producing an alloy slab for rare-earth sintered magnet, in which homogenization of R-rich region and 2-14-1 phase dendrite spacings, sizes, orientations, shapes, etc. can be attained with the generation of chill crystal suppressed, which alloy slab facilitates pulverization into u ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a liquid storage container wherein an amount of waste is reduced by allowing long term preservation in storing a liquid.SOLUTION: A liquid injection port 10 is provided on a sealable container body 2, a lid 3 is removably attached on the injection port 10, an opening ...

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A process for producing a purified aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution comprises contacting an aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution containing metal ion impurities firstly with a H+ type cation exchange resin, secondly with a carbonate iron (CO32−) type or bicarbonate ion (HCO3−) type anion exchange re ...

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A method of regenerating an ion exchange resin, comprising the steps of packing a used ion exchange resin in a regeneration tower; and repeating at least twice a step comprising passing an aqueous solution of regenerant through the regeneration tower downward from a top part of the regeneration towe ...