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Magnetic nanocomposite materials including iron, rare earth elements, boron, refractory metal and, optionally, cobalt are disclosed. Neodymium and lanthanum are preferred rare earth elements. The amounts of Nd, La, B and refractory metal are controlled in order to produce both hard and soft magnetic ...

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A method of recovering a reusable metal from a nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery characterized in that the method comprises crushing the nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery to obtain a crushed material, separating alkali, organic substances and iron from the crushed material to obtain a separate ...

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A method for recovering reusable elements including rare earth elements from a rare earth-nickel alloy is disclosed, including the steps of:

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a lithium secondary battery negative electrode and a negative electrode material used for the negative electrode which are superior in the initial charge and discharge efficiency and in which cycle deterioration due to charge and discharge is suppressed and high disc ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a hydrogen storage alloy of an Mg-containing system by which substantial capacity in a secondary battery can be improved and which has no multistep plateau on the PCT curve and is easy of charge/discharge in the secondary battery and usable for a negative electrode a ...

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To make a raw alloy, consisting mostly of amorphous structure, highly productively and at a reduced cost for a nanocomposite magnet, a molten alloy represented by Fe100-x-y-zRxQyMz (where R is at least one element selected from Pr, Nd, Dy and Tb; Q is B and/or C; M is at least one element selected f ...

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A process for producing a purified aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution, comprising passing a charged aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution containing impurities through a purifier tower packed with an ion exchange resin, a chelate resin or an adsorption resin to thereby purify the charged aqueous hydrog ...

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A rare earth metal-nickel hydrogen occlusive alloy ingot contains 90 vol % or more of crystals having a crystal grain size of 1 to 50 .mu.m as measured along a short axis of the crystal and 1 to 100 .mu.m as measured along a long axis of the crystal. A method for producing the rare earth metal-nicke ...

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A compound oxide having oxygen absorbing and desorbing capability contains 4.99-98.99% by weight of cerium oxide, 1-95% by weight of zirconium oxide and 0.01-20% by weight of hafnium oxide. The compound oxide has an oxygen absorbing and desorbing capability of at least 100 mu mol/g at 400-700 DEG C ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a simplified supplying device of a reducing agent composition for denitrification of a flue gas, the device having such properties that: since a reducing agent in high concentration is supplied, high denitrification efficiency is obtained; the harmful effect by exces ...