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A roadway-marking material is described of the preformed strip type. Said roadway-marking strip material substantially comprises a polyurethane resin layer or film and an adhesive film associated therewith. The main polyurethane layer is of a composition selected so as to be sufficiently wear resist ...

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Method and device for orienting asymmetrical retro-reflective elements while spreading horizontal road marking material and for applying the oriented asymmetrical retro-reflective elements to the anchoring road marking surface.

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A vehicle (10) carries an ejector means (17) which is mounted for reciprocating movement on the vehicle and is operable to eject discrete blobs of a viscous road marking material onto a road surface to be marked. The ejection means is arranged to move relative to the vehicle during ejection of the b ...

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A mechanical heat-generating system for heating a road-marking material being sprayed onto a road surface from a vehicle is disclosed. The system includes a heat exchanger for placing the road-marking material in indirect contact with a heat exchange fluid at an elevated temperature to raise the tem ...

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1. Road marking material which is laid on cement concrete surfaces or bituminous carriageway surfaces as a thin-layer marking, comprising an organic binder which is in the form of a solution or dispersion, conventional pigments, fillers and adjuvants, characterised in that 1. the binder is a mixture ...

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A resinous road marking composition comprising in addition to pigments and fillers a hydrocarbon resin having an average molecular weight of up to 10,000 and containing 4 to 50 per cent by weight of chemically built-in phenolic components which composition may contain an additional hydrocarbon resin ...

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1,107,799. Reflective road marking. TARKETT A.B. 12 July, 1966 [19 July, 1965], No. 31147/66. Heading E1G. Road marking material comprises a mass of synthetic plastics containing minute glass beads calendered or pressed to a web having a relief pattern in the upper surface, the operation being such ...

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The present invention concerns a prefabricated road marking capable of resisting to the passage of snowsweeping machines and the like, generally termed snowplows, comprising snow blades sliding on the road surface. The present invention concerns also an improvement to methods and apparatuses for the ...

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This invention concerns a method for making prefabricated, light-reflecting, roadway-marking strips resistant to the scraping action of mechanical, snow-clearing equipment - such as snow plows - by the application of protruding elements on the marking strip. These elements can be of different shapes ...

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The present invention provides a novel photoluminescence road marking material which is useful for a marking of a lane of a road, has a high photoluminescence performance along with a required wear resistance and weather resistance, can find an application not only in a white line, but also various ...