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A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor chip attached to a lead frame with recesses on the rear surface of the semiconductor chip opposite the lead frame. These recesses increase the heat radiation area of the semiconductor chip. In a method of producing a semiconductor device, the height of ...

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A lead frame including signal-connecting leads, a die pad and support leads is provided. A semiconductor chip is bonded to the die pad with an adhesive. The semiconductor chip, electrode pads and the signal-connecting leads are electrically connected to each other with metal fine wires. And these me ...

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A semiconductor device includes an encapsulating resin encapsulating a semiconductor substrate, a lead pattern or a laminated wiring layers transferred or secured on the lower surface of the encapsulating resin and a plurality of external electrode disposed on the lower surface of the lead pattern. ...

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A bump electrode having a protrusion is formed. The protrusion is made of a folded wire whose tail is bonded to a cavity on the base of the bump electrode. A method of manufacturing a resin-sealed semiconductor device encapsulating a chip equipped with bump electrodes is also presented.

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A resin-encapsulated semiconductor device includes a die pad, a semiconductor chip mounted on the die pad, and a group of leads. The group of leads include at least three kinds of leads, including first, second and third leads. While the first lead and the third lead are connected to each other upon ...

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Disclosed is a resin encapsulated semiconductor memory device comprising a semiconductor memory element, a package encapsulating the memory element and an .alpha.-rays shielding layer made from a water-resistant aromatic polyimide polymer, interposed between the memory element and the package, the a ...

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The present invention consists in that a through hole of large area is provided in a die pad or a tab, thereby to prevent a resin from cracking at the rear surface of a surface-packaging resin package in a high-temperature soldering atmosphere of vapor-phase reflow or the like, whereby a resin-molde ...

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According to one aspect of the present invention, a semiconductor chip, which can be mounted in a zigzag in-line type package (ZIP) partially using a tabless lead frame, includes bonding pads arranged on the chip so that the chip can be applied also to other different types of packages. These differ ...

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There are provided a lead frame including a plurality of first external terminal portions 5 provided on a plane, inner lead portions 6 formed of back surfaces of the respective first external terminal portions and arranged so as to surround a region inside the inner lead portions, and second externa ...