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The present disclosure provides tobacco-derived pyrolysis oils and derivatives thereof, such as isolated components and mixtures obtained from such pyrolysis oils. Advantageously, the tobacco-derived pyrolysis oils disclosed herein can exhibit desirable sensory characteristics. Further, tobacco-deri ...

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Normally hydroelectric dam powerhouses use river flow once before discharging it as turbulent tailwater, ineffective to spin turbines. The present invention uses tapered channels to confine and constrict turbulent tailwater into laminar flow that drives turbines both submersible and floatable utiliz ...

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The present invention relates to a new vegetable-based composition for liquid to be vaporized in electronic cigarettes, comprising water and propylene glycol of vegetable origin and/or glycerol and/or nicotine and/or natural flavors.

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A portable, tow-able, buoyant hybrid renewable energy platform for producing and storing electrical energy using wind, water, and solar power, or a combination of these methods. Included on this platform is a wind turbine that semi-detaches to become a water turbine, if necessary. A small fuel backu ...

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Systems and methods are provided for reactive power regulation and voltage support for renewable energy plants. In one embodiment, a system and method are provided for coordinating voltage and reactive power output of a plant with one or more requirements associated with a utility. The method can in ...

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A process is described for the recovery of net power during the depressurization of natural gas from high pressure pipeline conditions to low pressure end user conditions wherein the natural gas is rewarmed to a relatively warm temperature greater than 35.degree. F. using renewable energy and ambien ...

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A Renewable Fischer Tropsch Synthesis (RFTS) process produces hydrocarbons and alcohol fuels from wind energy, waste CO2 and water. The process includes (A) electrolyzing water to generate hydrogen and oxygen, (B) generating syngas in a reverse water gas shift (RWGS) reactor, (C) driving the RWGS re ...

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An optimization framework for hosting sites that dynamically places application instances across multiple hosting sites based on the energy cost and availability of energy at these sites, application SLAs (service level agreements), and cost of network bandwidth between sites, just to name a few. Th ...

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The inventive technology described herein generally relates to the field of renewable energy production and/or more particularly wind power generation. More specifically, methods and apparatus for wind power generation utilizing perhaps multiple generators coupled through a radius adjustable coupler ...