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A solid state renewable energy supply is provided by the oxidation of a passivating oxide forming solid state material in the presence of oxygen under the control of a passivating oxide preventing agent forming thereby an oxide reaction product, heat and hydrogen. The oxide reaction product is then ...

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A rotating machine that can generate standard AC, high-frequency AC, or DC electricity by non-conventional means. The method involves changing the air gap between a pole of a stationary magnet and a ferromagnetic member on a rotating disk-like flywheel. Each time the distance of the air gap changes ...

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A portable enclosure for housing a renewable energy system and for use with an energy-generating system is provided. The enclosure comprises a container having side walls, a bottom wall, an open top, and a dividing wall that divides the inside of the container into first and second compartments, bot ...

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A renewable energy (RE) system is disclosed which comprises an energy source providing unit, a DC bus, a buck converter, an hydrogen generator, an hydrogen storage, an energy conversion device, a boost converter, a DC to AC converter, and a monitoring system.

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The subject matter described herein includes a distributed hybrid renewable energy power plant. One exemplary hybrid renewable energy power plant includes a plurality of renewable energy power generation sources that are distributed over a geographic area. A plurality of grid interface boxes connect ...

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(EN) The invention relates to a method for production of silicon from silyl halides. In a first step the silyl halide is converted to a polysilane with creation of a plasma discharge which is subsequently decomposed to give silicon by heating in a second step.(DE) Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft ...

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The placement of fully available prime movers having a DC output at a location inside or adjacent to an inverter-based intermittently available renewable energy site is disclosed. The fully available prime movers add reliability to an unreliable energy asset that is reaching its maximum penetration ...

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Normally hydroelectric dam powerhouses use river flow once before discharging it as turbulent tailwater, ineffective to spin turbines. The present invention uses tapered channels to confine and constrict turbulent tailwater into laminar flow that drives turbines both submersible and floatable utiliz ...