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A suction ablation catheter, for use in inactivating portions of the heart's conduction system to prevent abnormal heartbeat rates, comprises a tubular body having an open, distal end and a proximal aperture for applying suction through the catheter and through the distal end. The catheter also has ...

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A method of making a dental crown for a dental preparation by means of a CAD-CAM system. In the method, first a model of the dental preparation is made from a refractory material under the control of the CAD-CAM system. Subsequently, at least one layer of a material suitable for dental crowns is app ...

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Abrasive particles comprising a core of alumina-based mineral coated by cathodic arc deposition with a metal boride, carbide, or nitride refractory material are provided. The core can be fused alumina or an alumina-based ceramic. Improved abrasive products having at least a portion of their conventi ...

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A method is disclosed for forming roller cutters and also for forming cutting teeth for rolling cutter bits, including cutter inserts, cutter teeth formed in place, or formed separately and welded in place, etc., by powder metallurgy as a densified powder metallurgical composite of at least two vary ...

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A polycrystalline diamond cutter having a coating of refractory material applied to the polycrystalline diamond surface increases the operational life of the cutter. The coating typically has a thickness in the range of from 0.1 to 30 .mu.m and may be made from titanium nitride, titanium carbide, ti ...

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Improved granular abrasive material comprises silicon carbide particles at least partially coated with an integral, durable surface layer of a hard refractory material comprising metal nitride or carbide. Hard refractory materials which provide a useful coating include, for example, silicon nitride ...

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A polycrystalline diamond tool comprising a diamond layer is bonded to a support body having a complex, non-plane geometry by means of a thin more than 3 .mu.m continuous layer of a refractory material applied by PVD or CVD technique.

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A method of fabricating a resilient model of an article of manufacture, such as an earth-boring drill bit body or component thereof, including fabricating the resilient model of the article of manufacture by layered manufacturing techniques. The resilient model may then be employed to cast one or mo ...

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A process is described in which hollow spheres or hollow-sphere composites (moldings) having high-strength walls are produced. Additional layers are applied to metallized spherical lightweight particles having a core of foamed polymer. In order to increase the strength of the wall of the spherical p ...

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A self-supporting reticulate of titanium hydride (TiH2) is formed by slurry-coating an open cell organic synthetic resinous material, or other pore-former, and eliminating the carbon-containing components of binder and/or solvent, viscosity modifiers, thickening agents, and the like at a temperature ...