Itamar C Kleinberger, John J Hayman, Steven L DeArmoun, Roland J Bilodeau: Mist-refining humidification system having a multi-direction, mist migration path. R Stevan Coursey, June 9, 1998: US05762661 (67 worldwide citation)

A mist-refining humidification system for humidifying a controlled environment which incorporates a mist generation means totally immersed within a flowing air stream and a multi-direction, mist migration path to deliver a very fine mist to a humidity controlled environment. In accordance with the m ...

Michel Decary, Jonathan Stern, Kosmas Karadimitriou, Jeremy W Rothman Shore: Computer method and apparatus for extracting data from web pages. Zoom Information, Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds P C, June 20, 2006: US07065483 (67 worldwide citation)

Computer method and apparatus for extracting information from a Web page is disclosed. The invention apparatus is formed of an extractor coupled to receive Web pages from a source. The extractor uses natural language processing to extract desired information from the Web page. A storage subsystem re ...

Dick Copeland, W Maurice Belcher: Methods for refining vegetable oils and byproducts thereof. IP Holdings L L C, McDonnell Boehnen, Hulbert & Berghoff, January 9, 2001: US06172248 (67 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to improved methods for refining vegetable oils and byproducts thereof. This invention also relates to an improved process for deodorizing lecithin. The invention additionally relates to deodorized lecithin and deodorized vegetable oil obtained by improved processes of ...

David A LaMonica: Method of refining oil. Rochem Separation Systems, Weingram & Zall, August 13, 1996: US05545329 (66 worldwide citation)

A method for refining oil, in particular domestic edible oils and petroleum crude oils, by membrane separation technology. The invention involves treating such oils in a membrane module system that provides optimal separation performance and service life. The described process simplifies oil process ...

Jeremy C York, Robert Cottrell, Brent Smith: Computer processes and systems for adaptively controlling the display of items. A9 com, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, November 13, 2007: US07295995 (66 worldwide citation)

The invention comprises a computer-implemented system and method for refining the order and/or content of a list of items. In one embodiment, the amount of user activity associated with each item displayed to users in a given context is monitored, used is to generate context-specific item weights. T ...

Raman Chandrasekar, James C Finger II, Eric B Watson: System and method for query refinement to enable improved searching based on identifying and utilizing popular concepts related to users queries. Microsoft Corporation, Woodcock Washburn, November 14, 2006: US07136845 (65 worldwide citation)

Refining a user query is disclosed. In one method, a query is received from a user, and then mapped to one or more search concepts. A list of search concepts associated with the query is then displayed. Alternatively or additionally, the search concepts associated with the query are used to provide ...

Ichikawa Yataro, Tokashiki Michiyuki, Ono Tadashi: Apparatus for continuous gas-liquid contact. Teijin, November 2, 1971: US3617033 (65 worldwide citation)

A gas-liquid contacting apparatus including a vertical vessel divided in the vertical direction into at least two sections by at least one tapered partition wall; each of the sections is constructed such that the material contained in one section may be conducted successively to the bottom or lower ...

John F Pelton: Gas dispersion apparatus for molten aluminum refining. Praxair Technology, November 15, 1994: US05364078 (65 worldwide citation)

The maximum useful rate of aluminum refining is increased by baffle means positioned across the refining chamber under the rotor of a spinning nozzle in the refining chamber, with open spaces to facilitate cleaning being provided in the vicinity of the side wall of the refining chamber.

Elizabeth Rosenzweig, Prasad V Prabhu: Timeline-based graphical user interface for efficient image database browsing and retrieval. Eastman Kodak Company, David M Woods, September 27, 2005: US06950989 (64 worldwide citation)

A multi-layer graphical user interface (GUI) using metadata, provides for timeline metaphoric representations (100A, 100B, 200A, 200B, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900) of pictures in a digital picture database. Icons (104A, 106B, 204A, 208B, 304, 404, 504, 604, 704, 804, 904) representing the poin ...

Ralph H J M Otten: Method for generating an optimized nested arrangement of constrained rectangles. International Business Machines Corporation, George E Clark, Thomas P Dowd, November 19, 1985: US04554625 (64 worldwide citation)

The overall arrangement of a number of non-overlapping rectangles with constraints on their size and shape, may be generated with relation to a number of objective functions such as, size and shape of the enveloping rectangle, size of an interconnecting network, and distance between pairs of individ ...

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