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A multi-layer graphical user interface (GUI) using metadata, provides for timeline metaphoric representations (100A, 100B, 200A, 200B, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900) of pictures in a digital picture database. Icons (104A, 106B, 204A, 208B, 304, 404, 504, 604, 704, 804, 904) representing the poin ...

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The maximum useful rate of aluminum refining is increased by baffle means positioned across the refining chamber under the rotor of a spinning nozzle in the refining chamber, with open spaces to facilitate cleaning being provided in the vicinity of the side wall of the refining chamber.

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A system and method for processing, searching, and performing in-context searches on named annotated text string databases. The system and method provides users with a means for interactively refining database searches in order to account for differences in keywords used to describe similar phenomen ...

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Computer method and apparatus for extracting information from a Web page is disclosed. The invention apparatus is formed of an extractor coupled to receive Web pages from a source. The extractor uses natural language processing to extract desired information from the Web page. A storage subsystem re ...

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Disclosed is a proton permselective solid-state member which is formed of a heteropoly acid represented by the generic formula, H.sub.m [X.sub.x.sup.. Y.sub.y.sup.. O.sub.z ].sup.. nH.sub.2 O, or a salt thereof. Said permselective member can be used as an electrolyte in the fuel cell and as a permse ...

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A rotational vibratory viscometer-densitometer for in-line process control and similar applications, having an elastic hollow metal tube extending between two clamps, and a relatively rigid transverse yoke secured to the tube at a point midway between the clamps. The yoke has magnetically permeable ...

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An apparatus and process for applying a synthetic lenticule to the cornea of a human eye is disclosed, the process also contemplating selective reprofiling of the lenticule while it is in place over the cornea. The process involves securing the lenticule over the cornea with an adhesive, thus leavin ...

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A system and method is provided for personalizing and refining policies within a general notification platform. The system includes a profile definition and selection system that receives contextual information relating to a user state. The profile definition and selection system generates and/or re ...

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The present invention relates to improved methods for refining vegetable oils and byproducts thereof. This invention also relates to an improved process for deodorizing lecithin. The invention additionally relates to deodorized lecithin and deodorized vegetable oil obtained by improved processes of ...

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Method for performing segmentation of an interior vessel within the body of a patient, the method including obtaining a sequence of intravascular ultrasound images of an interior vessel and dividing the sequence into batches, detecting uninformative regions in each of the batches, the uninformative ...