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Apparatus for motion vector estimation in a television image using a digitized signal representing the image, comprises a vector filter and a vector calculator for determining motion in the image at points spaced a predetermined number of pixels horizontally and a predetermined number of pixels vert ...

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An improved biomass refining process is disclosed which is considerably more efficient and cost effective than conventional refining processes. The apparatus and method of the present invention employs superheated steam to dry the solid components and uses the excess steam generated in the drying st ...

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The invention comprises a computer-implemented system and method for refining the order and/or content of a list of items. In one embodiment, the amount of user activity associated with each item displayed to users in a given context is monitored, used is to generate context-specific item weights. T ...

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A method and system for producing hydrocarbons in situ from an oil shale, fixed bed, hydrocarbon formation disposed below a ground surface. The hydrocarbon formation having an upper A-Groove higher permeability aquifer zone disposed above a R-rated, kerogen rich, lower permeability zone and a lower ...

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A soda-lime-silica green glass favoring the yellow side, rather than the bluish side of the spectrum, is produced having high visible transmittance, low infrared energy transmittance, low ultraviolet radiation transmittance, and low total solar energy transmittance by manipulating the reduction of i ...

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A method for refining an original command signal which is intended to locate a robot at a desired position and orientation (pose) comprising the steps of identifying the actual system parameters of the robot; predicting, through utilization of those actual system parameters the anticipated pose of t ...

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233,936. Steffen, C., and Steffen, C. July 30, 1924. Refining sugar.-In extracting sugar from saccharine liquids by precipitating it as calcium. saccharate by means of lime which is added to the solution as quicklime, the undissolved lime which has not entered into the reaction is separated from the ...

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A system for updating, enhancing and/or refining a geographic database is disclosed. The system uses a plurality of data collecting sensors, each of which is installed in a separate one of a plurality of vehicles, each of which travels on roads in a geographic region. Each data-collecting sensor pro ...

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A multi-layer graphical user interface (GUI) using metadata, provides for timeline metaphoric representations (100A, 100B, 200A, 200B, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900) of pictures in a digital picture database. Icons (104A, 106B, 204A, 208B, 304, 404, 504, 604, 704, 804, 904) representing the poin ...

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The maximum useful rate of aluminum refining is increased by baffle means positioned across the refining chamber under the rotor of a spinning nozzle in the refining chamber, with open spaces to facilitate cleaning being provided in the vicinity of the side wall of the refining chamber.