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Petroleum is distilled into fractions and/or cracked to form gas and/or lighter oil fractions by pumping the oil into the boiler section of a unit disposed in a hot, deep, subterranean geothermal zone. The distillation can be aided by forming steam from the geothermal heat as a thermal carrier.

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A search engine for searching a corpus improves the relevancy of the results by refining a standard relevancy score based on the interconnectivity of the initially returned set of documents. The search engine obtains an initial set of relevant documents by matching a user's search terms to an i ...

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A method and system for refining the function performed by a drag operation during the drag operation. After a drag operation begins, a "Drag Toolbar" appears with controls that change the current function of the drag operation when the cursor is moved over a selected control. In the preferred embod ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for refining time alignments of closed captions. The method automatically aligns closed caption data with associated audio data such that the closed caption data can be more precisely indexed to a requested keyword by a search engine. Further, with such a structur ...

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Method suitable for optimizing an operation of a self-guided vehicle. The method includes steps for incorporating a self-guided capability as part of the operation of the vehicle, the operation further including a mapping technique for soliciting information required for vehicle motion from a first ...

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This invention pertains to a method of modifying or refining a surface of a wafer suited for semiconductor fabrication. This method may be used to modify a wafer having an unmodified, exposed surface comprised of a layer of a second material deployed over at least one discrete feature of a first mat ...

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A device and method for producing refined adipose tissue for use in autologous adipose transplantation or research wherein a sterile environment is maintained. More particularly, a system for refining tissue comprising a first flexible container, a second flexible container having a plurality of por ...

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The present invention is directed to a system and method for interactive and iterative reconstruction in a manner that helps to reduce computational requirements by generating a model from a subset of the available data, and then refining that model using additional data. Example embodiments directe ...

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A multi-stage catalytic hydrogenation and hydroconversion process for heavy hydrocarbon feed materials such as coal, heavy petroleum fractions, and plastic waste materials. In the process, the feedstock is reacted in a first-stage, back-mixed catalytic reactor with a highly dispersed iron-based cata ...

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The apparatus of the invention is capable of injecting gas in the form of small discrete bubbles into a mass of molten metal. The apparatus comprises a rotatable shaft coupled to drive means at its upper end and a vaned rotor at its lower end. Gas under sufficient pressure to be injected into the me ...