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A stereo matching method simultaneously recovers disparities, colors and opacities from input images to reconstruct 3-dimensional surfaces depicted in the input images. The method includes formulating a general disparity space by selecting a projective sampling of a 3D working volume, and then mappi ...

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The present invention features an energy storage scheduler that schedules the timing and extent of charging a storage device from the electric energy supply. The energy storage scheduler has a charge level device for receiving information representative of the level of charge of the storage device. ...

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A method for refining the position of linearly aligned cells on the surface of a semiconductor chip is disclosed herein. The method comprises defining an array of spaces between cells based on maximum and minimum cell positions, establishing a minimum spacing between cells, and linearly shifting cel ...

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There is provided a network server which interfaces a client with selected database sites from a plurality of database sites. The network server comprises a meta-database (including both text information and multimedia information), a search agent, and a refining module. The search agent indexes the ...

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A method and system for refining the function performed by a drag operation during the drag operation. After a drag operation begins, a “Drag Toolbar” appears with controls that change the current function of the drag operation when the cursor is moved over a selected control. In the preferred embod ...

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A method and apparatus for providing a user interface for refining a query applied to a database of images, where a Query Result Visualization Environment allows the user to organize the search results using various techniques. For example, the search results may be clustered on the basis of text, i ...

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A dynamic search result refinement for refining a general search query into a more specific search query. For a general search query, a user is presented with a list of more specific queries. The entries in the list selected from a log-file of queries according to the index frequency of each query. ...

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Petroleum is distilled into fractions and/or cracked to form gas and/or lighter oil fractions by pumping the oil into the boiler section of a unit disposed in a hot, deep, subterranean geothermal zone. The distillation can be aided by forming steam from the geothermal heat as a thermal carrier.

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A search engine for searching a corpus improves the relevancy of the results by refining a standard relevancy score based on the interconnectivity of the initially returned set of documents. The search engine obtains an initial set of relevant documents by matching a user's search terms to an i ...