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The threaded connection between a graphite shaft and a metal shaft, such as is used to drive a rotating nozzle in the refining of aluminum, is strengthened by coating the graphite surface that contact the flange portion of the metal shaft prior to the fastening of said shafts together. The coating o ...

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Lube base stock oil of low pour point and excellent stability is produced from a waxy crude oil fraction by solvent refining, catalytic dewaxing over a zeolite catalyst in the nature of zeolite ZSM-5 and hydrotreating under specified conditions.

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A tool or fluxing head for fluxing molten metal that comprises a fluxing gas supply line that communicates with the interior of an inverted plunger cup providing a hollow interior into which refining agents and other additives that are to be introduced into a molten metal can be incorporated. In use ...

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Clickstream data collected from a panel of internet users is used to generate and present internet activity metrics. Data collected from a community of internet users may be augmented by clickstream data store content, third party content, search results, and other sources to form estimates of inter ...

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A self-sustaining system and process for converting organic waste feedstreams into usable solid and gas end products includes a plurality of interconnected retorts, an apparatus for flash pyrolyzing the feedstream to form intermediate gas and solid products, a means for introducing a water spray to ...

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A system for characterizing contamination levels of a selected site uses a base station for the collection of data and generating waste site characterization and remediation needs reports. An on-site station is provided to detect the contamination levels at selected points within the site and transm ...

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The subject of the invention is a process for melting and refining vitrifiable materials, such that all or part of the thermal energy necessary for melting the said vitrifiable materials is supplied by the combustion of fossil fuel(s) with at least one oxidizer gas, the said fuel(s)/gas or the gaseo ...

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The invention is, in its various aspects, a method and apparatus useful for strapdown inertial navigation and surveying in a borehole. The method comprises maneuvering a probe including three vibrating mass, Coriolis effect gyroscopes in a borehole and initializing the probe's attitude in the b ...

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A refining method for molten glass comprising a stirring step for stirring molten glass in a stirring vessel, a feeding step for feeding the molten glass into a vacuum vessel via an uprising pipe, a degassing step wherein the molten glass is put under a reduced pressure in the vacuum vessel, bubbles ...

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A continuous process for steam-refining crude fatty oils or crude degummed fatty oils to remove free fatty acids, odoriferous material, and color bodies and thereby to produce a fully deodorized, high stability, bland, finished oil. Following degumming, if needed, the crude fatty oil is pretreated w ...