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A method of advertising at residential locations is provided. Waste and/or recycling containers having advertising indicia related to one or more businesses are provided by the business to residents of the location at no cost to the residents. The residents are allowed to use the containers for disp ...

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A manually operated lifting and securing device for transporting loaded or unloaded wheeled refuse or recycling containers with the use of a common trailer hitch and a motor vehicle. The device utilizes the length of the cart itself as a lever, permitting a fully loaded cart to be lifted and secured ...

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A recycling system and carrying apparatus to allow individuals to carry recycling containers and the like. The carrying apparatus includes at least one support arm adapted to engage a support such that the carrying apparatus hangs therefrom, and at least one carrying arm operably connected to the at ...

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Systems and methods for managing, ordering, designing, tracking, and displaying visual information, such as advertisements displayed on waste and recycling containers. Visual information includes one or a multitude of media displays or advertisements. A container tracking and identification system c ...

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(EN) The invention concerns a device for recycling containers such as bottles, mugs, tin cans or the like. Said device comprises a deposit opening for receiving the container and at least a dispensing device for transporting the container from the deposit opening to a processing device for selection ...

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The coated multilayer structure comprising a polymeric base layer, a zero valent material barrier layer, and a top coat on the zero valent material barrier layer, the top coat comprising a soluble compound capable of reducing the permeability of the multilayer structure to gas or vapor. The zero val ...

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(EN) Method for recycling containers particularly non biodegradable single use containers. The method is characterized in that the containers (1) are sold filled with their conventional contents; after consuming said contents, the containers (1) are collected, optionally against payment of their res ...

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[en] The present invention relates to a method for recycling a container, which is sealed with a heat-shrinkable film adhered to an outer peripheral surface thereof, by collecting the container for recycling and safely removing the heat-shrinkable film from the outer peripheral surface of the contai ...

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A container for use in handling recyclable paper products is disclosed. The container has an open top and includes a plurality of openings formed near its upper edges for receiving fork lift truck tines. A method of nesting empty containers is also disclosed.

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An apparatus and method for recycling containers which use petroleum products, the apparatus having a housing, a perforated shelf within the housing, an assembly movable between upper and lower positions with assembly having a plurality of piercing members formed on an underside thereof, a drive mem ...