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A refuse receptacle is disclosed, having a body with an upper and a lower portion, the upper portion having a top rim forming a gusset with a vertical wall and a horizontal wall, the lower portion having a bottom side with a base rim. On the back side of the upper portion is a handle attached to the ...

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A wall-drawing hovering device (WDHD) is provided. The WDHD comprises an unmanned helicopter configured and operable for flying and hovering while being disconnected from ground. The WDHD further comprises a mobilizing system comprising at least one motorized wheel. The mobilizing system is physical ...

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A system of delivering recycling containers to households uses an address list of households in geographically successive locations. Each container has a unique identity, provided by e.g. a bar code or electronic chip, which is electronically assigned to the respective address at the time of deliver ...

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Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are disclosed for monitoring waste. Example methods may include monitoring a waste compartment of a waste container, the waste compartment configured to receive waste items, and determining a waste level of waste items in the waste compartment. Methods m ...

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A rack for a heavy equipment bucket having a rectangular base and two vertical posts. Each vertical post has one or more upwardly angled extending protrusions. A series of double ended reverse hooks are provided with the rack for stacking heavy equipment buckets.

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ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A machine for automatically positioning and feeding containers includes a main hopper for receiving randomly containers, and a bottom with a peripheral edge portion at a distance from the side wall of the hopper to provide a space through which the containers can drop by g ...

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System and method for collecting object identification data from a plurality of objects that interact with a vehicle during operation of the vehicle, where the vehicle interacts with specific objects at specific geographical positions. An identification sensor is coupled to a geographical position s ...

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The invention involves the incorporation and enablement of multiple interactive elements into high-volume consumables products to increase utility, function and features of the consumable product at minimal incremental cost and adjustment to production and manufacturing processes. The invention furt ...

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A method and system for managing a recycling entity is included. The method includes obtaining entity data associated with at least one entity. The at least one entity is operable to recycle a quantifiable measure of recyclable material. The method also includes obtaining resource data associated wi ...

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A vehicle tow device for wheeled containers preferably includes a hitch insert, an upright member, at least one support member and at least two retention members. The hitch insert preferably includes a U-shaped cross. The upright member preferably includes a U-shaped cross section and a horizontal f ...