Norgrove Richard: Distribution system. Egbert H Taylor &Amp, Company, January 19, 2005: GB2404064-A (2 worldwide citation)

A system of delivering recycling containers to households uses an address list of households in geographically successive locations. Each container has a unique identity, provided by e.g. a bar code or electronic chip, which is electronically assigned to the respective address at the time of deliver ...

Steve Wright, Bob Beales: Shipping/storage rack for buckets. April 18, 2017: US09624044 (1 worldwide citation)

A rack for a heavy equipment bucket having a rectangular base and two vertical posts. Each vertical post has one or more upwardly angled extending protrusions. A series of double ended reverse hooks are provided with the rack for stacking heavy equipment buckets.

Sala Jaime Marti: Machine automatique de redressement et dalignement de recipients, Machine for automatically positioning and feeding containers. Sala Jaime Marti, RIDOUT & MAYBEE, April 19, 1994: CA2031731 (1 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A machine for automatically positioning and feeding containers includes a main hopper for receiving randomly containers, and a bottom with a peripheral edge portion at a distance from the side wall of the hopper to provide a space through which the containers can drop by g ...

Charles Michael McQuade, Brett Brinton: Method and system for making deliveries of a fluid to a set of tanks. ZONAR SYSTEMS, January 2, 2018: US09858462

System and method for collecting object identification data from a plurality of objects that interact with a vehicle during operation of the vehicle, where the vehicle interacts with specific objects at specific geographical positions. An identification sensor is coupled to a geographical position s ...

Hans O Ribi: Advanced multi-element consumable-disposable products. Segan, Khin K Chin, Bret E Field, Bozicevic Field & Francis, August 29, 2017: US09746380

The invention involves the incorporation and enablement of multiple interactive elements into high-volume consumables products to increase utility, function and features of the consumable product at minimal incremental cost and adjustment to production and manufacturing processes. The invention furt ...

Michael Uffner, Michael R Vogler: Commercial grade wheeled refuse receptacle with lid. Suncast Technologies, McHale & Slavin P A, August 22, 2017: US09738444

A refuse receptacle is disclosed, having a body with an upper and a lower portion, the upper portion having a top rim forming a gusset with a vertical wall and a horizontal wall, the lower portion having a bottom side with a base rim. On the back side of the upper portion is a handle attached to the ...

Keith A Mask: Systems and methods of monitoring waste. COX ENTERPRISES, Eversheds Sutherland, August 1, 2017: US09721342

Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are disclosed for monitoring waste. Example methods may include monitoring a waste compartment of a waste container, the waste compartment configured to receive waste items, and determining a waste level of waste items in the waste compartment. Methods m ...

Kurt D Marling: Vehicle tow device for wheeled containers. Donald J Ersler, October 17, 2017: US09789741

A vehicle tow device for wheeled containers preferably includes a hitch insert, an upright member, at least one support member and at least two retention members. The hitch insert preferably includes a U-shaped cross. The upright member preferably includes a U-shaped cross section and a horizontal f ...

Peter Spahmann: Automatically unlocking container. Haul All Equipment, O Shea Getz P C, January 23, 2018: US09873560

A container includes an enclosure housing an interior compartment for containing waste and further defining slots on sides of the enclosure for receiving lifting forks, a lockable rear lid pivotally connected to the enclosure, and an automatic unlocking mechanism actuated by lifting forks inserted i ...

Flavio Previero: Apparatus and method for the dry removal of labels from containers made of plastics. PREVIERO N S R L, Whitmyer IP Group, October 24, 2017: US09796004

An apparatus and method for removing labels from containers made of plastics, such as PET bottles includes: a tubular stator and a rotor defining an annular chamber that extends along a path; on the rotor members are mounted for rotationally dragging and pushing the containers inside the annular cha ...

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