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Glass microspheres and rear projection screens containing glass microspheres, which combine a desirable index of refraction (preferably, no greater than about 1.70) and low levels of defects (e.g., bubbles, visible haziness, frostiness, or opacity, substantially nonspherical shapes) upon formation a ...

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A wrap-around display system for presenting out-the-window visual imagery in a flight simulator is disclosed. Eight identically pentagon-shaped translucent rear-projection screens are joined together at their edges to form a partial dodecahedron. Each video projector is mounted outside the partial d ...

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A rear projection screen produced by providing surface irregularity directly on at least one side of a light diffusion layer containing at least one light scattering material selected from the group consisting of one or more waxes, one or more crystalline polymers or a mixture thereof.

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An optical image is generated by an image source and is transmitted to an optical assembly by a fiber optic cable or cables. The optical assembly includes a transmission lens or lenses, rear projection screens and an eyepiece. By using a rear projection screen in the optical assembly, a non-pupil fo ...

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A transmissive reflector which both reflects light and lets light pass therethrough. The transmissive reflector comprises a nacreous pigment in combination with a transparent adhesive. The nacreous pigment and the transparent adhesive can be separately coated on a clear or transparent substrate or c ...

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Efficient, lower weight, more versatile rear projection screens can be produced by combining in laminated form an unmodified clear matrix resin layer with a second sheet containing light diffusing polymer particles of specific size and size distribution.