Martin David James Reginald: Radiating line transmission system. Coal, Wray James C, July 22, 1975: US3896380 (135 worldwide citation)

A radiating transmission line system employs a pair of leaky coaxial cables which are spaced from each other and extend along a tunnel to propagate radio signals. The signals to be propagated are fed to both cables in such a manner that the signals in one cable are in antiphase to the signals in the ...


Radiating line transmission system. Coal Industry Patents, April 3, 1975: GB1389554-A (3 worldwide citation)

1389554 Aerials; radio signalling COAL INDUSTRY (PATENTS) Ltd 11 May 1973 [26 May 1972] 24967/72 Headings H4A and H4L A radiating transmission line system includes a pair of coaxial cables 1, 2, each of which comprises a respective inner conductor 12, 22, a respective dielectric material surround 13 ...