David T Green: Purse string applicator. U S Surgical Corporation, Kenyon & Kenyon, September 27, 1988: US04773420 (348 worldwide citation)

The purse string applicator has a pair of tissue engaging arms which can be extended from the applicator to grasp apertured tissue and to subsequently flatten and move the engaged tissue over an anvil carrier. The arms are mounted on a tube which can be slid through a handle by means of a tissue kno ...

David T Green: Purse string applicator and method of affixing a purse string. United States Surgical Corporation, Kenyon & Kenyon, June 7, 1988: US04749114 (42 worldwide citation)

The applicator is provided with a pair of handles and an anvil carrier against which rows of staples can be ejected. The applicator includes support elements for supporting the stapler cartridges and pushers for pushing the staples from the cartridges when the handles are squeezed together. Each car ...