Sachio Tsunoda: Pumping-up hydroelectric power plants. Tokyo Shibaura Denki Kabushiki Kaisha, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, October 11, 1983: US04408452 (10 worldwide citation)

In a pumping-up hydroelectric power plant comprising a single speed main pump/turbine and a booster pump operable in series in a pumping operation between an upper reservoir and a lower reservoir, a water head shared by said booster pump is varied depending on a variation in the static head between ...

Yasunobu Kei: Method and arrangement for interconnecting hydroelectric pumping-up power system. August 17, 1971: US3600595 (1 worldwide citation)

Interconnection of a plurality of hydroelectric pumping-up power systems is achieved by providing two groups of pumping-up hydroelectric power plants on respective sides of a mountain and by accommodatively transferring water thus pumped up between water reservoirs provided at the highest levels on ...

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