Harris Arlene J: A cellular mobile radio credit card system.. Harris Arlene J, April 20, 1988: EP0264023-A2 (9 worldwide citation)

Cellular mobile telephone stations which are intended for installation and use in public transportation facilities, e.g., taxicabs, limousines, rental cars, etc. are equipped to support credit card billing of transient customers for use of the station services. The cellular pay stations, from the vi ...

Michel Garrandes: Incident recording system in a public transportation vehicle.. Serel, June 3, 1994: FR2698596-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a safety system for a vehicle for carrying persons, such as a taxi, comprising a camera (10) for taking images of the persons carried, a data processing device (14) connected to the camera and including a microcontroller and a memory intended to record the images coming from ...

Richard D Craft, Frank Bascas, Teodulo Ceballos Jr, Joseph Rafac, Jonathan Roy Wren: Lightweight seat assembly for public transportation vehicle. Transportation Seating, Cort Flint, McNair Law Firm P A, May 20, 2003: US06565152 (9 worldwide citation)

A lightweight reinforced seat assembly for a transportation vehicle is disclosed which includes a molded seat shell having a shell exterior and a shell interior. The seat shell includes a seat section and a back section joined together by a generally curved section. A plurality of seats is formed in ...

Jerry Farrar, Dale Carson: Quick change window assembly. Jeffer Mangels Butler & Marmaro, July 25, 2006: US07080874 (8 worldwide citation)

A window assembly for a public transportation vehicle that permits rapid removal and replacement is disclosed. The vehicle has a sidewall with a window opening. One or more frame members are attached within the window opening. The frame members are adapted to comprise one or more apertures. One or m ...

Kyle R Bowers, Benjamin P Lee, Parag N Shah, Kenneth J Gray, Benjamin M Lawler: Techniques and apparatus for controlling the temperature of a personal communication structure (PCS). Civiq Smartscapes, Goodwin Procter, April 11, 2017: US09622392 (8 worldwide citation)

Techniques for operating a personal communication structure (PCS) are described. In particular, a temperature control system for controlling the temperature of a PCS is described. The temperature control system may include a ribbed heat sink and first and second air circulation controllers. The heat ...

Bradley Neville Cotier, Jarnail Singh Chudge, Matthew Robin Farmer, Michael James Belfield Parker, Robert John Wilcox: Use of beacons for assistance to users in interacting with their environments. Microsoft Technology Licensing, Rainier Patents P S, May 16, 2017: US09652124 (8 worldwide citation)

Beacon-based guidance functionality is described herein that assists the user in navigating over a desired route within an environment, or otherwise interacting with the environment. The environment, in turn, is populated with a plurality of beacons having, in one implementation, respective non-over ...

Kolanparampil K Kuruvilla, Santhamma Kuruvilla: Automatic door warning system. David L Volk, November 16, 1999: US05986561 (8 worldwide citation)

An apparatus is provided for the automatic advance warning of imminent automatic door closure to passengers of public transportation vehicles. Comprised of a panel mounted above the automatic door, comprising an alarm light, a message display area, and a speaker capable of producing audible alarm wa ...

Robert Lane: Bus side light system. Todd A Dawson, James D Hall, October 16, 1990: US04964022 (8 worldwide citation)

A lighting system mounted to public transportation vehicles which includes a multiple directional light positioned above the exit door of the vehicle so as to provide illumination for the ground or pavement in front of the exit door to aid and assist passengers entering or departing the vehicle.

Herzig Hans Peter, Frank Rainer: Travel assistance method and device. Motorola, August 16, 2000: GB2346697-A (8 worldwide citation)

A travel assistance device 71 provides a user of the device with travel advice. The user inputs journey- related data, such as starting time (TS, fig. 1) starting location (L1), target destination (L4) and selects one or more public transportation system (S). From this data and time table, access po ...

Asai Goro, Igarashi Fusaki, Murata Kenichi, Hashimoto Takahiro, Kakihara Masaki: Route guiding apparatus. Toyota Motor, February 21, 2001: EP1077362-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

A route guiding apparatus provides information for a route using public transportation as an alternative to a vehicular route. In addition to searching for a vehicular route from a current location to a destination, it is determined whether the current location and the destination are within a zone ...

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