Marc Simeray, Janick Simeray: Motorized transport vehicle for a pedestrian. Lowe Graham Jones PLLC, December 31, 2013: US08616313 (25 worldwide citation)

Autonomous and lightweight vehicle intended to transport a city dweller combined with the use of public transportation. Formed by one motorized wheel on which the user maintains, through speed, his or her lateral balance, and longitudinal balance is ensured by automatic functioning driven by an acce ...

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A lighting fixture for attachment to the ceiling of public transportation vehicles such as subway cars, buses, aircraft, or the like includes a light transmitting cover assembly which is particularly adapted to retain and back light low cost sheets of advertising material, such as material printed o ...

William James: Intelligent transport system. November 2, 2004: US06810817 (23 worldwide citation)

A public transportation system includes control by highly distributed communications, ultra-light transit vehicles suspended from single or dual rails and powered by electricity. The electric power supplied independently and supplemented by wind generators and solar panels. The transit vehicles, are ...

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A luminous glazing unit includes at least two glazing elements, for example at least two transparent glass sheets; optionally at least one lamination interlayer between the two glazing elements; at least one waveguide element, located on one face of the lamination interlayer and/or between the two g ...

Chris T Kikis: Book holder. Charles E Temko, October 2, 1984: US04474383 (22 worldwide citation)

A holder to permit the holding of a hand held book in open condition using a single hand of the reader, thereby facilitating the use of the holder in public transportation vehicles and the like while standing. The device is collapsible when not in use to permit ready storage.

Mark A Bowen, Mims Bowen: Safety guard. Public Transportation Safety Devices, Bacon & Thomas, October 31, 1995: US05462324 (21 worldwide citation)

A safety barrier for a vehicle includes a safety barrier portion for deflecting objects from the path of the wheels of the vehicle. The safety barrier further includes a wheel well molding to prevent the placement of hands or limbs between the wheel well and wheel of the vehicle.

Ralph Delta Adams, Charles Junior Ingram: Ticket advance and printer mechanism. Cubic Western Data, Brown & Martin, August 9, 1977: US04040345 (20 worldwide citation)

A mechanism for handling a ticket, as for a public transportation system or the like, in which the ticket has a known original value that is updated after each use by a printed visual readout and a magnetically recorded coded record. The mechanism receives a ticket and advances it through an initial ...

William H Cohune: Portable headrest. Christie Parker & Hale, May 15, 1979: US04154478 (20 worldwide citation)

A portable headrest for use in conjunction with the seats of public transportation vehicles. The headrest comprises a pair of padded supports which are secured to a chair back by means of a belt or a pair of hangers. The pair of supports are spaced apart to bracket the user's head and, in combinatio ...

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A public transit travel planning system and methodology that uses an extensive pre-processing approach of transit information prior to query time on order to determine optimal public transit routes for journeys. At query time, since the transit information has already been processed by the system, v ...

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The travel chair has a form-fitted shell which is attached to a metal frame, capable of transporting handicapped and elderly persons from their residence; through public transportation terminals; aboard public transportation vehicles, such as aircraft and busses; hence to their destination without t ...