Frederick S M Herz, Jason M Eisner, Marcos Salganicoff: Pseudonymous server for system for customized electronic identification of desirable objects. Duft Graziano & Forest P C, May 19, 1998: US05754938 (927 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to customized electronic identification of desirable objects, such as news articles, in an electronic media environment, and in particular to a system that automatically constructs both a "target profile" for each target object in the electronic media based, for example, on th ...

Distributed Agent Based Model For Security Monitoring And Response. March 16, 2017: US20170078317-A1

An architecture is provided for a widely distributed security system (SDI-SCAM) that protects computers at individual client locations, but which constantly pools and analyzes information gathered from machines across a network in order to quickly detect patterns consistent with intrusion or attack, ...

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