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A protective helmet and liner therefor includes a sheet of sound deadening material which fits between impact force absorbing pad structures disposed on the interior of the protective helmet.

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A compact, integral forced-ventilation personal respirator device for the breathing space in a gas mask, protective helmet or hood, or the like, comprises a housing including a connector for air-tight connection of the housing to the breathing space to be protected, an electric blower removably atta ...

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A generally hands-free, voice communication system in combination with a head-protective helmet. The helmet protects the wearer's head and the communications system permits voice communications between journeyman personnel, e.g. firefighters, police, military, industrial, hazardous material handling ...

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An arrangement in which a toggle mechanism on the outside of a proective helmet acts on an end of a nape strap outside the helmet to shorten the effective length of the nape strap within the helmet to move the wearer's head forward to bring the wearer's face into engagement with the face seal of a f ...

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A helmet for the protection of sportsmen and/or workers in potentially hazardous occupations is disclosed. In one embodiment the helmet comprises a protective head shell and means to position the helmet on a users head in which the head shell has an outer section slidably connected to an inner secti ...

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A protective helmet having an outer shell and an inner liner is disclosed. The liner includes a plurality of air compartments interconnected by a number of air channels. A self-contained, tactile actuatable air pump is mounted to the helmet so as to be carried thereby even when the helmet is in use.


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A sprung attachment arm for sound attenuating devices intended to form part of a head stirrup or to be fitted to a protective helmet. The arm (2) is constructed so that one end thereof can be attached to a protective ear muff (4) in a manner to spring-press the ear muff against the head of the weare ...

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In combination, a protective helmet including an outer shell and an inner impact shell, a protective facepiece, and interconnecting members for mounting the facepiece to the inner impact shell and for placing the facepiece into sealing engagement with the face of a wearer of the helmet.

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The invention pertains to protective helmet that has an inflatable liner that is constructed with a multiplicity of cells each separated by constrictions of a narrower cross-section. The liner has a central ring and a plurality of loops extending therefrom adapted to protect various portions of the ...