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A process for the preparation of laminates comprising the steps of (1) putting a thermoplastic resin sheet or film and a metal foil or sheet one upon another with a specific polyolefin type resin being interposed therebetween, (2) heating the thus interposed specific polyolefin type resin to a tempe ...

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A low pressure process for preparing laminates by expanding the cross-section of a blank of thermoformable material between mold plates serving as skin laminae with the attendant formation of one or more voids having a partial vacuum or reduced pressure within the cross-section of such blank, which ...

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An epoxy resin composition having exceptional stability which is useful in the preparation of electrical laminates comprises an epoxy resin such as the diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A, an organic solvent, a polyhydric phenolic hardener and an acid having a pKa at 25.degree. C. of less than 2.5 or an ...

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A process for preparing laminates of polyvinyl fluoride and at least one other fluoropolymer that are free from adhesive at the interface by dispersion coating a first film to form a second film and curing the second film at a temperature below the melting point of the first film.

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The epoxy resin composition is comprised of an epoxy resin, a solvent and a hardener which is the reaction product of a hexa-alkyl ether of a methylol melamine having the general formula (I), wherein each R, independently, is an alkyl radical having from 1 to 4 carbon atoms with a polyhydric phenol ...

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A laminate comprising a first layer of fluorinated polymer containing pendant side chains containing sulfonyl groups wherein a majority of the sulfonyl groups are in the --(SO.sub.2 NH).sub.m Q form wherein Q is H, cation of an alkali metal, cation of an alkaline earth metal or combination thereof a ...

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The present invention concerns laminate articles comprising a plurality of basic material such as sheets of paper or cloth, to which a thermoplastic synthetic resin is impregnated and adhered and which are firmly joined mutually to be en bloc (a united body). Such a laminate article is obtained by i ...



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