Knut Graf, Hans Peter Patzschke, Dietrich Saatweber, Peter Schreiber: Process for multilayer lacquering. Herberts, Richard A Speer, March 7, 1995: US05395659 (13 worldwide citation)

Process for multilayer-lacquering of a substrate in which the outermost layer is prepared by use of a lacquer containing one or several cationic binding agents. It is possible to apply top coat and clear lacquer films based on cationic binding agents.

Karsten Blatter, Werner Lenhard: Method for producing multi-layer paint coatings. E I du Pont de Nemours and Company, Sudhir G Deshmukh, August 13, 2002: US06432491 (2 worldwide citation)

A process for multilayer lacquering, wherein a surfacer coating compound is applied to an optionally precoated substrate and then cured, a top coat layer of a color-imparting and/or special effect-imparting base coat and a clear coat coating compound or of a pigmented one-coat top coat coating compo ...