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A pressure-sensitive recording sheet which comprises a support having thereon a color former-containing microcapsule coating, the microcapsule coating comprising at least two microcapsule layers with the mean particle size of the microcapsules in the microcapsule layer closest to the support being l ...

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Carbonless pressure sensitive copying sheet and a method of making the same, the sheet containing sufficient amounts of groundwood to normally cause yellowing when contacted with a color forming coating containing a color forming agent encapsulated in a polyamide resin. The yellowing characteristics ...

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A method for fanning multi-ply sheets into units thereof, which comprises applying the adhesive composition to one side of a stack of multi-ply sheets, e.g., pressure-sensitive copying sheet units, and separating each unit of the sheets.

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A chlorinated diphenyl solvent solution of Crystal Violet Lactone as well as an emulsion for use in pressure-sensitive copying papers which contain microcapsules wherein said solvent solution is encapsulated as an internal liquid phase may be substantially prevented from becoming blue stained by the ...

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The method of making microcapsules comprises performing polycondensation of an aminoaldehyde resin prepolymer in an aqueous dispersion including particles of hydrophobic core material in the presence of anion-modified polyvinyl alcohol to form aminoaldehyde resin microcapsules walls around said part ...

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An excellent pressure sensitive copying sheet is provided by applying as a color former certain encapsuled fluoran compounds, i.e., fluoran compounds linking in the 7-position with at least one of the two nitrogen atoms in a piperazine ring and having a dialkylamino group in the 3-position to either ...

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Compounds and a pressure-sensitive copying sheet containing said compounds as a color-forming agent art provided said compounds have the following general formula: ##SPC1##Wherein each of R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 is independently alkyl of up to 4 carbon atoms; and each of X and Y is independently hydroge ...

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A method for producing a pressure-sensitive copying sheet which comprises winding the pressure-sensitive copying sheet having a microcapsule coating film comprising microcapsules having an average particle size of 3-8 microns and a hydrophobic oil containing 3-6% by weight of a color former at 35 kg ...

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The continuously fed paper sheet is subjected to the successive steps of coating an acceptor composition at its one side, drying, calendering with a calender comprising a metal roll and an elastic roll having a Shore hardness within the range of 65 to 90, further coating a color former composition o ...

Pressure-sensitive record element. Nashua, July 5, 1972: GB1280769-A (3 worldwide citation)

1280769 Carboxymethyl cellulose composition NASHUA CORP 24 March 1970 [9 June 1969] 14082/70 Heading C3F [Also in Division D2] A pressure-sensitive copying sheet comprises a backing sheet and a surface layer that comprises a continuous phase of the aluminium salt of carboxy-methyl-cellulose, with an ...